Why Full Real Estate Licence Course is our Best Seller!

THE SCOOP: Get More Value for Money!


The decision to invest your time and money in your future real estate career is a critical one.  You want to be sure your investment will land you where you want to be, give you the competitive edge and prepare you to enter the Real Estate industry.

A Full Real Estate Agent Licence Course could allow you to enter the industry and progress much faster than you would with the entry level Registration Certificate.

The Full Licence:

The Full Real Estate Agent Licence course enables you to work as a Principal, Sales Agent, Contractor or Operator. A real estate agent licence allows you to:

  • own or manage a real estate agency
  • buy, sell, exchange or rent houses, businesses, land or any interest in these
  • negotiate on behalf of a buyer, seller, landlord or exchanging or renting of houses, businesses or land
  • show property to potential buyers
  • inspect and assess property for sale or rent
  • collect rent on behalf of a landlord
  • advertise a property for rent or sale (includes setting up signs)
  • open up a property for inspection for sale or rent
  • manage an apartment complex and sell any units independently, without having to work through an established agency
  • operate a trust account on behalf of sellers and buyers.

To be a fully licenced Real Estate Agent in Queensland, you will need to study and complete a Real Estate Agent Licence course as well as register with the Office of Fair Trading to obtain your registered licence.

For less than $1,000, the Full Licence is value for money. It not only includes all the Registration Certificate and Registered Letting Agent Units of Competency but will set you up with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to be more competitive when applying for jobs in the industry. Completing the Full Licence makes you stand out from the average graduate as you gain more knowledge and practical skills.

The Full Licence provides a more rounded picture about the opportunities of working within the Real Estate industry and equips you for the hands-on skills you need to be successful.

The practical elements of the course ensure you are learning all aspects of the industry from technical compliance and regulations to market strategy and communication skills. You will complete 19 Units of Competency as opposed to the entry level (7 units). These additional units extend your knowledge with regard to marketing property, appraising and managing tenancy disputes.

Validum Director, Victor James, summed it up well, “Doing your registration certificate is like eating half the pie.”

We are seeing a trend lately with Real Estate Agencies preferring to employ new graduates with the Full Licence. It demonstrates you are committed about your career in the industry. You will be able to take on more responsibility such as operating a trust account. This is what can make you look like a strong candidate for promotion.

With the recent regulatory changes in Queensland, the Full Licence also opens up more opportunities for better commissions and awards when you enter the industry. Be sure you are aware of the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 pay guide when starting out in your career.

Even if you may lack experience, the more comprehensive knowledge base you have, the more you will stand out from the crowd with employers when starting a career in Real Estate.

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