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Want to Be a Buyers Agent in Queensland

2023-11-30T14:23:20+10:00By validum|Blog Article|

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW… Is a buyer’s agent a good career? Having a good work ethic and a great attitude to anything in life is a good start point no matter what your previous employment was. You can build a thriving business as a buyer's agent that could see you making great coin even in your first year. You need to understand you are going to be working not just with buyers but sellers too so knowledge the mechanics of vendors is important. Sellers can bring a lot of variables [...]

How to Write a Real Estate Resume And Cover Letter

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Your Step-by-Step Guide Validum is all about being able to create opportunities for its graduates and going above and beyond is what sets our training apart in the world of real estate. We genuinely care about a successful pathway for our students once they finish their course.  One of the biggest questions we get asked after students finish our course is how do you write a good resume or CV or cover letter. So, recognising that candidates new to the industry could have exceptional and transferable skills sets that they [...]

Complete Real Estate Services

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So you have completed your Sales Agent / Property Manager Registration Certificate with Validum, what’s next? At Complete Real Estate Services we have helped hundreds of newbies to the Real Estate industry secure employment. We offer courses both onsite at our office boardroom located on the Gold Coast or remotely via Zoom. During these courses you will have a Real Estate industry expert provide invaluable insider information about how to become a Property Manager superstar. Real estate training specialists Complete Real Estate Services QLD and Validum Institute have teamed up [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started in The NSW Real Estate Industry

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The answers to commonly asked questions about getting started on your real estate career in New South Wales.Contact Validum TODAY for an obligation-free Career Consultation to discuss how you can get started on your real estate journey. Call 1800 848 911 to book in with our Enrolments Team today!Do you need a licence to sell property in NSW?A licence is definitely required to sell property in NSW on behalf of a vendor. It is important that you hold the required training and licence, as this is the legal requirement to working [...]

What’s Next for The Real Estate Market

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This isn’t a simple question to answer and here is why. You have to consider some very important signs. The National Home Value Index (HVI) has been rising again and has seen some growth since Nov 2021. We’ve seen a rise by 1.2% in May 2023 and this is the third successive rise since a period of decline earlier this year. Seems to be some good news from an economic perspective considering the turbulence we’ve seen with interest rates. However, NSW continues to lead the revival, with home values increasing [...]

Best Traits for a Property Manager in 2023

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Here are some key traits of a good property manager: Communication skills: A good property manager should have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. They should be able to effectively communicate with landlords, tenants, and other stakeholders involved in the management of the property. Organisational skills: Property managers must be able to keep track of important deadlines, documents, inspections, and appointments. They should also be able to manage multiple properties efficiently. Problem-solving skills: Having an ability to identify and solve problems related to the property, such as maintenance issues, [...]

Real Estate Traits Agents Must Have In 2023

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Top 10 Traits Experience and expertise: A good real estate agent should have as much experience and expertise as possible in the local real estate market, including knowledge of current market conditions, property values, and trends. We recommend if you are going into the industry try and work in the area and sell in the area you live in. This adds so much credibility to you as a real estate source and being part of that community is so powerful. Agents should also be knowledgeable about the legal and financial [...]

Best Tips About Getting Into The Industry!

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Here are some general steps you can follow: Obtain the necessary qualifications: In both Queensland and NSW, you need to obtain a real estate agent license to work in the industry. This requires completing a qualification such as a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) through a registered training organization (RTO) such as Validum Institute. Meet the eligibility requirements: To obtain a real estate agent license in Queensland and NSW, you must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as being over 18 years old, not having any criminal convictions, and being [...]

Why Relationships in Real Estate Are So Important, And How This Directly Effects an Agents GCI

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We all know that selling Real Estate is a people game. Each transaction touches many different people within the process of selling property, and an Agent’s ability to build strong relationships with all the people involved in the process, is vitally important to how much money they will ultimately make! The difference between good agents and bad agents simply comes down to relationships and how well they can put them all to work at the appropriate time...Good agents keep their word, don’t make promises they cannot keep, are on time [...]

Current Facts on The Real Estate Climate

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With Green Finance Consultant Dimitri Grespos (Green Finance Group) What happens on the first Tuesday of every month except in January? The Reserve Bank of Australia Board meets to discuss various issues, then vote on monetary policy.  Monetary policy involves setting Australia’s official interest rate, which is referred to as the Cash Rate. A quick history lesson on the cash rate: The last time there was an increase in the cash rate prior to this year was on 3 November 2010 of 0.25% for a cash rate of 4.75%. The [...]