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Why is the Queensland Property Market Booming

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We have never seen a year like 2020.  But out of adversity comes triumph and this has never been truer than what we are seeing in the 2021 Queensland real estate market – it’s booming!We look at the top 5 reasons for why it’s Queensland’s time to shine in the Australian property market.Lifestyle Housing – Lifestyle housing are properties that people invest in for a change of lifestyle either as a holiday house or a sea / country change.  During continual lockdowns and border closures, southerners from Sydney and Melbourne are [...]

Is Now a Good Time to Get Into Real Estate?

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As a previous agent and a current industry trainer I am always asked the question “Is now a good time to get into real estate?”.  However during these current uncertain times, I find I am getting asked this question more often.  So here is my answer! You may be surprised to know that there is never really a good or bad time to be in Real Estate. COVID has impacted us all in some way, however, one of the great things I am proud to say about our real estate [...]

Expand Your Career Horizons Into Business Broking

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We sit down with Steve Finn from Finn Business Sales to discuss how Business Broking is a great career path or side career for those in real estate.  You simply need your full real estate agent licence and a whole new career awaits.  Steve shares his journey to success in this dynamic industry and how his business can make you a success in business broking as well. Why business broking is such a good career choice Business broking is a great career choice and a very good add-on for a [...]

The Secret to Securing Future Real Estate Success

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What if we told you that looking after your vendors is one of the most important things you should do to secure future real estate success? Sounds simple, but unfortunately for many agents closing the loop between when a vendor chooses them to sell a property, throughout the sales process until the time it takes for them to buy or sell again, most people are likely to choose a different agent. 90% of people say they would use an agent again but only 12% actually do. Such a large disparity [...]

Sam Kelso’s Real Estate Journey To Success

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My name is Sam Kelso from Stockwells. This is my 14th year in real estate as an auctioneer, salesperson, and business owner, and This Is My Journey To Real Estate Success. Why did you choose real estate as a career? The reason I chose real estate was because, well let’s face it, I was never going to go far as an academic and my father was best friends with George from Ray White Paddington who was a bit of a legend in the real estate game at that time. [...]

5 tips for real estate success in the current market

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It has been a crazy start to 2020 and with a new financial year and the occurrences of the last one, we have compiled a list of tips for success in the contemporary real estate industry. 1. Increase your brand awareness Brand awareness represents how well you and your brand are recognised by your target audience. Establishing brand awareness is an imperative part of promoting who you are as a real estate professional. If this year has taught us anything, it is that the placement of your office and your [...]

How to be a Professional Real Estate Agent

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Some would argue the question of the professionalism of a Real Estate Agent is obvious. But with surveys suggesting only 7% of the population think that real estate agents are honest and ethical, it is time to explore why? Whilst the industry has undergone a huge transformation over the past few decades, we can only continue to improve the integrity of our profession by understanding how and why consumers continue to see real estate agents so poorly. Historically and unfortunately, some continue to think that real estate agents are unethical [...]

Validum’s Survival Guide for 1st Year Real Estate agents!

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So you’ve just completed your registration certificate (or are thinking about completing it), and you want to know what the next step is? There are tonnes of people joining the real estate industry every year as new agents and you want to get ahead of the game (and better yet...survive) ... right? Well! We were lucky enough to speak to two young guns in Real Estate to hear their tips, tricks & journey to where they are today! Ben Smith & Joseph Lordi! We’ve collated some of their favourites to [...]