Why Choose Validum Institute for Real Estate Training?

Aspiring real estate professionals in Queensland, New South Wales and Victora have several options when it comes to training and certification. While organisations like the Real Estate Institute of NSW, Queensland and Victoria, Real Estate Academy of Australia (REAA) and Entry Education are well-known choices, Validum Institute has emerged as a compelling alternative. Let’s explore why many students are opting for Validum Institute over more traditional paths with the Real Estate providers.

Innovative and Modern Approach

Validum Institute prides itself on offering a fresh, contemporary approach to real estate education. Unlike some older institutions that may be slower to adapt, Validum embraces the latest industry trends and technologies. Their curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the rapidly evolving real estate landscape, ensuring students graduate with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Validum’s course content contains real industry professionals talking about the industry and troubleshooting, Validum’s content also includes industry leading agents sharing their stories and life as an agent or property manager – it is not just simply theory, but practically aligned information the learner would see as very helpful. For example, how to look for work after you graduate with interviews and content from recruiters sharing tips and to get your dream real estate role.

Flexible Learning Options

One of Validum’s key strengths is its flexibility. it understands that many students are balancing work, family, and other commitments while pursuing their real estate education. Validum offers a range of learning options, including online courses, in-person classes, and blended programs. This allows students to choose the format that best fits their schedule and learning style and at the same time fitting into people budgets. Think of an airline, you can get the typical ticket in economy, aka Validum’s online course, or venture into a first class one-on-one customised course offering where you will be working personally with a real estate agent who is also qualified as a trainer and assessor helping you navigate the course, like a workshop.

Industry-Experienced Trainers

Validum Institute trainers are working agents/property managers/auctioneers currently working in the industry. They have extensive real-world experience in the real estate market.  The trainers bring practical insights and real-life case studies into the classroom and learning environment, providing students with valuable context beyond textbook theory. This hands-on knowledge can give Validum graduates an edge when entering the workforce as they are better prepared to tackle the challenges the industry throws at them.

Want to know more about Validum’s FREE Career Consultation – Call anytime on 1800 848 911 and book in a trainer for a chat or portal tour. Visit www.validum.edu.au for more information.

Personalised Support

While larger institutions like REIQ and REAA have their merits, some students find them impersonal and overwhelming. Validum Institute offers a more boutique experience, with smaller group settings and a personalized attention but without the huge price tag of others. Students really get ‘bang for buck’ – they often report feeling more supported throughout their learning journey, with readily available access to trainers, assessors and support staff. Check out our graduates’ reviews on Product Review – click here to see what the students say about their services and training.

Focus on Practical Skills

Validum’s curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical, job-ready skills. While theoretical knowledge is important and is covered in their course, Validum ensures students can hit the ground running in their real estate careers. From negotiation techniques to using industry-specific software, graduates leave with a toolkit of immediately applicable skills.

Specialisation Options

Unlike some one-size-fits-all programs, Validum Institute offers specialised courses tailored to different aspects of the real estate industry. Whether you’re interested in residential sales, property management or auctioneering, Validum provides focused training to help you excel in your chosen niche.

Faster Completion Times

For those eager to start their real estate careers, Validum Institute often offers faster paths to certification compared to traditional institutions. Its streamlined programs and flexible study options allow motivated students to complete their training and enter the job market more quickly.

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Strong Industry Connections

Validum has been training and developing students for real estate for nearly a decade, so they established strong connections within the Australian real estate industry and industry recruitment specialists. These partnerships often translate into networking opportunities, guest lectures from industry leaders, and potential job placements for top-performing students.

Competitive Pricing

While quality education is an investment, Validum Institute strives to offer competitive pricing compared to some larger institutions. It frequently run promotions and offers payment plans to make their programs more accessible to a wide range of students.

Positive Student Feedback

Perhaps most importantly, Validum Institute has garnered a reputation for high student satisfaction. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations from graduates have helped fuel the Institute’s growth and popularity in recent years. Validum has more five-star reviews than any other real estate training provider and you can see their reviews live anytime.

Check out their reviews on Product Review – click here to see what the students say about their services and trainingValidum Institute offers a compelling alternative for many aspiring real estate professionals. With its modern approach, flexible options, practical focus, and personalised support, Validum is carving out a niche in the real estate education landscape and you’d be silly not to talk to them whilst you are doing your research.  So, if you haven’t spoken to Validum yet, call the Institute for a FREE no obligation career consultation on 1800 848 911. You may have spoken to other providers, but you’d be hard pressed to choose someone else once you’ve seen what they can offer.

Ultimately, the choice between Validum, or other training providers will depend on individual needs, learning preferences, and career goals. Prospective students should carefully research all options, considering factors such as course content, delivery methods, industry recognition, and cost. By choosing the right educational path, you’ll be setting a strong foundation for a successful career in the dynamic world of Australian real estate.


Want to know more about Validum’s FREE Career Consultation – Call anytime on 1800 848 911 and book in a trainer for a chat or portal tour. Visit www.validum.edu.au for more information.