• Real Estate full licence

    Full Real Estate Agent Licence Course

    If you wish to become a Licenced Real Estate Agent, contract to or own manage a real estate agency, you need to first study a Real Estate Agent Licence Course. Validum Institute offers a flexible, affordable and customised approach to learning the way you want. Experience the Validum Difference today and call (07) 3193 5270.

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  • property management course

    Property Management Course

    To work as a Property Manager you need to study the Real Estate Registration Certificate Course. A Registration Certificate Course is the minimum requirement you need to work in the Real Estate. It is designed for those wanting to start in the real estate industry as a real estate salesperson or property manager.

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  • Sales Agent/Property Management Registration Certificate Course

    Salesperson Registration Certificate Course

    To start a career in real estate as a salesperson you need to be registered with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading as a real estate salesperson.  You will first need to complete your Real Estate Registration Certificate Course.  Validum offers one-on-one trainer tuition and assessment support combined with a unique learner portal for easy and interactive real estate study.

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It’s official, Queensland is the place to be in real estate!

BY validum - October 31, 2017

Didn’t think real estate and property in Brisbane could compare to that of Sydney and Melbourne? Think again! Queensland and Brisbane have been anticipating massive growth and it has finally arrived. We discuss how Brisbane is the next hot spot in property.
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Why can some real estate agents seem to be rude PLUS top tips to stop this happening to you!

BY validumadmin - December 1, 2017

Have you a met any rude real estate agents? Or do you completely disagree? We discuss the how and whys and outline 6 top tips to keep you grounded in real estate.
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