Expert Tips on How to Secure Your Dream Real Estate Job

Looking for a job in real estate but not sure how to secure that dream job?  We look at this topic from both an Agency Owner and a Recruiters perspective.

We interview Monty Van Dyk, CEO and Founder of Easy Agent and David Robson from Metro Style Recruitment who share their top tips and discuss how to stand out from the crowd when landing your dream real estate job.

What are your top 3 tips you would give to people looking to find a job in the real estate industry?

Easy Agent, Founder and CEO – Monty Van Dyk

  1. Be concise, articulate, honest and punctual in both your application and the interview.
  2. Approach the process in earnest, by dressing sharp as if you already have won the job. Make your image reflect your attitude.
  3. Be vigilant and don’t give up just because you get a few knock backs. Nothing is easy in this industry, so you need to show them what you got and brush up on your knowledge.

Metro Style Recruitment, Recruitment & Strategy Partner – David Robson

  1. Be realistic with your expectations! This is a new career for most people and being prepared to start at the bottom is a welcome change to an employer, it shows humility and hunger. A Real Estate career is a marathon not a sprint!!
  2. Do your homework.
  1. How far are you willing to travel, which system is best for you?
  2. How much support do you really need to be successful? And finally,
  3. What do you know about the local area in which you want to work? For example do you know the local amenities, median house prices and who is selling the most properties?
  1. Attitude, tenacity and energy are key to securing your next role. These are traits every Principal in the Country is looking for in their next sales leader.

What can make someone stand out from other applicants when applying for real estate jobs?

Easy Agent, Founder and CEO – Monty Van Dyk

Employers who are seeking to add a new member to their sales team are looking for team players with a connection to the community and a demonstrated ability to goal set and achieve. Identify your strong natural suit and play to that, showing a ‘can do’ attitude as opposed to the ‘wait and see’ perspective.

Metro Style Recruitment, Recruitment & Strategy Partner – David Robson

  • With some roles in Real Estate the employer could receive in excess of 100 applications so a phone call is a welcome change for an employer but please be prepared to sell yourself, stories about how you have succeeded in a sales environment are great delivered with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Focus on your prior achievements in your resume especially if you have sales experience.
  • The average recruiter will spend a maximum of 30 seconds initially reviewing your application so make sure it is easy to read and every word is spelt correctly, coupled with great formatting you are sure to get noticed

What is your top tips to nailing the interview to ensure your get the job!

Metro Style Recruitment, Recruitment & Strategy Partner – David Robson

  • First impressions last, especially in Real Estate! Dressing for success is a must, this means a suit, a tie for gents a clean ironed shirt coupled with polished shoes, neat hair, nails maintained and tidy facial hair for the guys! I often speak with Principals who said the candidate was great but they did not dress properly they felt that is showed a lack of respect for them, the role, and for the potential buyers and sellers in the future.
  • In the interview show your passion by telling the interviewer who you are following, reading and listening too and I don’t mean Justin Bieber. There are lots of industry gurus with great insights into mindset, process and overall success and a lot of this content is free.
  • Lastly the interview is about standing out so don’t leave anything to chance, arrive in plenty of time, dress for success, do some homework about the company and bring your ‘A’ game.

What is the one thing people can do once they have secured a job to ensure they stay and become a success!

Easy Agent, Founder and CEO – Monty Van Dyk

  • Knowing that Real Estate is a contact sport you need to stay relevant with your buyers and sellers.
  • Growing a strong social media presence goes a long way to achieving this as does community involvement such as with sporting groups or volunteering associations is a very good way of staying connected.
  • Be consistent and hungry for knowledge – follow the processors.
  • Believe in yourself and that you will succeed

Thank you so much Monty and David for taking the time to speak with us.  Your insights are invaluable to those looking to secure a real estate job.

About the interviewees:

Monty Van Dyk is a leader in the real estate industry. As Founder and CEO of Easy Agent, Monty has been focused on both providing agents new opportunity within the industry and being involved with some of regions most iconic and successful property transactions.

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David (Robbo) Robson is the Recruitment & Strategy Partner at Metro Style Recruitment. David is an experienced business leader, Recruitment professional, management consultant & business coach who creates real results for business.

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