What’s the Value of Having a Mentor

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Mentoring, one of those real buzz words that we have heard so much in the last few years.  You might even think that you see it everywhere and that it is overused?  What real value could this have for you in your real estate career moving forward?

Some people may even ask what has mentoring got to do with Real Estate at all?

The simple answer to this is – plenty!  Mentoring has been practiced now for hundreds of years so it is not something new to society.  Having said that, it has become more prominent in the last decade or so with more people now realising the true value of having a mentor in “their corner”.

Most of the real benefits come from having that one to one relationship with the mentor and mentee (these are the terms we use) where both parties get to have real conversations about what the mentee wants to get out of the mentoring, whether this a short or long term relationship.

If we bring the conversation to real estate again, then how can this benefit property managers and salespeople? It doesn’t really matter which side of real estate you are working in, sales or property management, or the amount of experience that you have. Everyone needs someone to talk to at some point in time who is not their boss, spouse or partner.

Having a mentor is someone who will not only listen to you but will also make you stretch and grow and also help point you in the right direction in many aspects of your career and personal life, sometimes the two tend to cross over in real estate!

If you are going to have a mentor in real estate then it just makes good sense to have someone that knows not only the industry but what it takes to find a job in real estate or get a better one, right?

That’s where Nikki and Richard Taylor come in, they not only have the experience from a   professional perspective (12 years in real estate recruitment) but both of them have also previously worked in real estate in many capacities from sales to property management and much more.

For approximately the last 2 years now they have both been mentoring their clients that have either been at crossroads in their career, starting their career and even changing careers. This extends to people in real estate and working with them to assist them in their career search and using the tools available today to get this happening. These sessions are one on one and tailored to suit the individual as we are all made up differently and have different needs.

For a no-obligation chat on how we may be able to assist you in your career, feel free to reach out to Richard – 0414 581 472 or Nikki – 0414 624 521, at any time we are here to help you.

About the Author

Nikki & Richard Taylor are an energetic, motivated, inspiring, authentic couple in business today working as mentors, career changers and much more. Previous businesses that they have owned include 2 national recruitment companies and together they now offer their vast experience of over 25 years combined experience in Mentoring to assist people looking at career changes and personal growth as well as business mentors.   If you would like to learn more contact Nikki on 0414 624 521