How Twitter Can Increase Your Customer Leads

Twitter can be an effective way to generate leads. To make it one of your top marketing tools, it’s important that you post the right types of tweets, and do so on a weekly basis. As a real estate agent, the following six tweets can help increase your customer leads.

1. Local Community News Tweets

Since Twitter is designed for real-time updates, you should be the agent who breaks real-time Local Community News. These tweets could cover local café openings, community sports team results, or just announced festivals. Whatever the news, make sure you are the first to share it, so you are seen as the local agent ‘in the know’.

2. Market Area Update Tweets

Given that real estate is your main area of expertise, Market Area Update tweets can help position you as the local expert. These tweets should cover local real estate news, trends and tips. Sharing these updates helps buyers, sellers and renters see you as the market area’s leading real estate authority.

3. Promotional Tweets

Promotional tweets are important too. You should tweet about new listings, recently sold properties, and services that you offer at least once a week to show that you are an in-demand agent. To ensure that most of your tweets remain helpful, a good rule of thumb is to only post these promotional tweets 20% of the time.

4. Mention Tweets

Use Twitter’s @mention feature to engage with more people in your market area. For example, each week you could reach out and thank local businesses for their services, personally congratulate new home owners, and join conversations that relate to your local community. This is an effective way to build relations with your target market.

5. Real Estate Answer Tweets

Each week, you should search Twitter for relevant real estate questions and provide helpful answers. For example, if you come across a question such as, ‘What are Queensland’s hotspots this year?’ you could tweet back suggesting suburbs in your area. Make sure that each answer includes your contact details and website to help capture these new leads.

6. Tweets With Hashtags

All tweets should include hashtags. Hashtags allow more people to see your tweets, more often. It’s a good idea to use a combination of general and niche hashtags. For example, general hashtags are ones such as #RealEstate, #ForSale and #NewListing. Niche hashtags could include #YourName, #YourMarketArea and #YourAgency. Using the same hashtags on a consistent basis helps position you as a thought leader on these topics, and ultimately reach more prospects.

If you want to increase your customer leads, start using these strategic tweets to reach more prospects interested in buying, selling or renting in your market area.

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