Why Can Some Real Estate Agents Seem to Be Rude PLUS Top Tips to Stop This Happening to You!

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If you were to Google ‘Why are real estate agents so rude?’ you will see a variety of stories and complaints about some agents whose attitudes are out of control.  Is this your experience?  Or do you completely disagree? We discuss the how and why and outline 6 top tips to keep you grounded in real estate.

What is the reputation of the real estate industry?

We have all head the old saying ‘real estate agents are one step above used car salesmen’ – that is because surveys show they are only a few percents higher rated than car salesman, politicians, telemarketers and even prostitutes on trustworthiness and honesty.  But why is this so?

I read one article about how due to the property boom with large demand and little supply the old school caring approach has been lost as there is always more properties and more buyers / renters lining up outside.  Furthermore people move into the industry thinking they can make a quick buck without putting in the effort and when they don’t become successful they simply move onto another industry which leaves a transient industry.  However those that are dedicated and thus successful in the industry hate that these people give real estate agents a bad name.

Why is this so?

Quick money can also be a product of this industry and the way people react to it can vary significantly.  Real estate is a great industry because anyone can do it.  After doing your short, inexpensive registration certificate or real estate agent licence course with Validum Institute, you simply pay your registration/licence fee to the Office of Fair Trading and you’re away.  No prior experience needed, no lengthy apprenticeships or degrees.  It is not uncommon for people to invest less than $1,000 into a career and earn more than $100,000 within the first 12 months.  When some people come into money they haven’t had before it can cause a change in character which can easily be misinterpreted as arrogance or seem condescending.

The irony behind the above is that people who are real estate agents can easily feel that unless they are driving an expensive car or dressing in the best clothes that people won’t want to do business with them.  There is a perception from some real estate agents that clients will feel that they aren’t successful compared to others agents and therefore won’t achieve top results for their clients.  But is this true?

Flash cars and fancy suits doesn’t always determine the quality of the agent.  It will be based on your knowledge, enthusiasm, and a systemic approach to the sale of the property.

It is also important to remember that estate agents are the product themselves, and therefore to sell property they need to sell them as an individual first.  We have all seen billboards of an agents posing or full page adverts of agents promoting themselves.  Is this to blame for the rising egos in the industry – after all, wouldn’t your ego be inflated if you were up in lights for the world to see?  Perhaps you may feel a greater sense of pride and importance as well?  This can lead to negative perceptions from other people.

We love this quote from Tom Panos on one of his top business and life lessons:

Ego: Leave your ego at the front door. When you walk into a listing presentation it’s not about you. It’s about the vendor and the vendor’s property. Learn to become an interested introvert not an interesting extrovert. The ego is about letting go of having to try and impress everyone all the time. It’s about dropping the fake self and bringing the real self. This is authenticity and in a world that’s always trying to change you, authenticity is about you being the best you and stop acting like who you think you should be. 

Another view that can drive some level of aggression in agents is that to be a good salesperson you need to bring a bit of the ‘animal’ in you to be successful.  Being hungry for the next deal and even hungrier to close the deal requires adrenaline, dedication, commitment, resilience and persistence.  This animal instinct definitely has its positives when it comes to driving sales, however there can be a downside.

As you can see with a booming and transient industry capable of fast money, billboard size egos combined with animal instinct, it isn’t surprised that real estate agents can easily get a bad rap.

Top tips on how to stay grounded as a real estate agent ?

We have put together these top tips to keep you grounded as a real estate agent and build your relationships in a positive way for all:

  1. Make People Feel Important. I love this quote by Mary Kay Ash “Pretend everyone has a sign around their neck that says ‘Make Me Feel Important’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”  You never know if you are talking to someone worth billions for not so always treat people with respect and humility.
  2. Stop and Listen. Nothing makes people feel more disrespected than not allowing them to talk or taking the time to actively listen when they do.
  3. Take a Vested Interest in Everyone. It’s easy to dismiss people when you don’t take the time to get to know them and understand their personal life journey.  Take the extra time to get to know people and you will be rewarded 10 fold.  No one likes to be treated as a number- not even you.
  4. Treat others how they want to be treated. Don’t make the mistake of treating people the way you want to be treated. In a sales environment you may like things fast paced, short and sharp and to the point, but remember not everyone is like you.  Take a moment to ascertain how they like to be treated and worked with and respond to them accordingly.  This emotional intelligence will drive huge benefits.
  5. Stand by your morals. Never lower yourself to others standards.  Believe in your own morals and ethics and you will be rewarded through your growing reputation.
  6. Never forget manners. Manners are free and yet it can appear these days that they are worth a fortune because they are becoming rarer and rarer.  Always polite and courteous.  Always follow up with your clients.  Always say thank you.

In an industry build on reputation, rude and arrogant agents don’t have a long term place in the industry. You will come across these people from time to time sure, but always stick to your own morals and don’t play their game – you will win in the end when your clients refer you to their friends and you can truly hold you head high as a great real estate agent with ethics, morals and manners (after all they are free).

Let us know your thoughts and experiences on this topic.  I’d love to hear you thoughts, feel free to email me at victor.james@validumgroup.com.au.  If your thinking about starting a career in real estate or want to upgrade your qualification, call Validum Institute on (07) 3193 5270 today.

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