Successful Women in Real Estate

Here at Validum Institute, our real estate courses and specialist trainers aim to inspire each and every one of our students to go beyond their qualification and to achieve real success – for themselves and their clients.

So today – International Women’s Day – we decided to shine the spotlight on one of the most successful women in the industry – our fantastic principal trainer Terri Cooper.

Terri first made the incredible transition from psychologist to highly successful real estate agent more than 20 years ago, when it was far less likely to see women in leadership and training roles within the industry.

Since that time, she has achieved incredible career success, authored multiple books and worked hard to improve the standard of real estate training and mentoring.

We sat down with Terri to get her thoughts on being successful in the real estate industry and how opportunities have evolved for women in the field.

VI: What attributes do you think women bring to the real estate sector?

Terri: Building success in real estate is all about developing trust and nurturing relationships with others, including vendors and purchasers. Women seem to naturally excel in this area, particularly in terms of building rapport with others, listening to their needs and helping their clients achieve their goals.

VI: What changes have you seen in the industry for women over the years?

Terri: There are plenty of wonderful trainers, coaches and mentors – both men and women – who recognise the unique contributions women are making in the industry. More women are now opening their own agencies, they’re being recognised for their achievements and they’re being invited to share their knowledge at conferences and seminars, both in Australia and overseas.

VI: What advice would you have for others thinking about a career in real estate?

Terri: Go for it! Real estate is such a unique industry, where the only glass ceiling is the one you set for yourself – put in the hard yards and success is truly unlimited. If you have passion, determination and resilience, you can succeed! This is certainly an industry where women are on the move and there are wonderful trainers, coaches and mentors to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.