Why You Need a Real Estate Licence

Real estate offers an exciting career path, and you are limited only by your personal preferences. Gaining your real estate licence can open to the doors to a myriad of career choices, for example Property manager, Commercial salesperson, Commercial leasing specialist, Commercial Property manager, Resident letting agent, Licensee/Principal owner, Auctioneer, Business broker, Buyers agent.

Regardless of which career path you choose, the Queensland Registration Certificate course covers your minimum educational requirements, and is the entry level course for anyone intending to work in sales, property management or administration (if this position involves interaction with clients). You may also have to undertake additional training and upskilling, depending on which of the above options you choose.

Upgrading to the full Queensland Real Estate Agent Licence, could entitle you to work as an independent contractor within an established agency, or to own or manage your own real estate agency. Depending on the business structure you adopt, you may find considerable financial advantages to having your full real estate licence!

In addition, gaining the full real estate licence will deepen the knowledge and the skills needed to list, market and negotiate for your clients. Your reputation in the market place will be enhanced by your ability to demonstrate an expertise and a commitment far beyond the short entry level course. As we all know, “Perception is reality” and a fully Licenced agent will be more highly regarded, will engender more trust, and attract clients who demand the best!