6 Instagram Posts To Increase Your Customer Leads

Photo sharing social media platform, Instagram, can help you become the go-to agent in your market area and win more business. To do this, you need to post the right types of photos and videos. As a real estate agent, the following six Instagram posts can help increase your customer leads.

1. Business Brand Posts

Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your business brand. Post photos of your agency’s corporate events, team meetings, open homes, and team members working in-office and offsite. This allows prospects to get to know, like and trust your brand. As a result, if they resonate with your brand, they will resonate with you as an agent and be more likely to contact you when it comes time to buy or sell their property.

2. Personal Brand Posts

Go one step further and post photos that also build your personal brand. Post photos that showcase your professional and personal life, for example, photos of events, pets, hobbies, meetings, coffees, and anything else you get up to in your day-to-day life. This helps humanise you and make prospects feel like they already know you. As a result, they will feel like they can trust you with their buying and selling needs.

3. Behind The Scenes Of Upcoming Listings Posts

Posting sneak peek photos of upcoming listings helps build buzz and generate enquiries. Reward your Instagram followers by letting them be the first to know about upcoming listings. For example, you could post photos of drones taking aerial shots, the photographer taking pictures, For Sale signs being set up, and stagers adding final touches. This type of post attracts prospects looking to invest in your market area.

4. Suburb Video Posts

Posting videos of your market area is the perfect way to build authority as a local real estate expert. Instagram allows you to upload short 60-second videos, and add filters and captions. The videos can be filmed on your phone and should showcase a suburb’s features, community events, and points-of-difference. These posts are a great way to demonstrate your local knowledge so that prospects see you as the go-to agent.

5. Video Tours Of Open Homes Posts

Posting walk-through video tours of open homes is a great way to build awareness, interest and desire for your listings. Upload short 60-second videos that highlight a property’s key features. Make sure you walk through as if you were a prospective buyer, focusing on areas that would be of most interest to them. At the end of the video, you should share the address and invite prospects to inspect the property.

6. Create A Story For New Listings Posts

Use Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature to post sneak peeks of your new listings. Select a theme which relates to the property and tell a story around this. For example, if the new listing is located in a family-friendly suburb, post a sequence of photos illustrating this point. Show the leafy parks, cycling tracks, primary schools, young families, as well as the property itself. Best of all, since Instagram Stories show up at the top of the newsfeed, all your followers will see this post. The right prospects will then start picturing themselves at the property and be more likely to make an enquiry.

If you want to increase your customer leads, start using these Instagram posts to reach more prospects in your market area. And, if you’re looking to become qualified in the real estate industry or upskill your real estate qualifications, call Validum Institute TODAY on (07) 3193 5270 to find out more about our fresh new blended approach to learning.

We’d love to know how these Instagram tips increase your customer leads. Email me your thoughts at victor.james@validumgroup.com.au.