Why Relationships in Real Estate Are So Important, And How This Directly Effects an Agents GCI

We all know that selling Real Estate is a people game. Each transaction touches many different people within the process of selling property, and an Agent’s ability to build strong relationships with all the people involved in the process, is vitally important to how much money they will ultimately make!

The difference between good agents and bad agents simply comes down to relationships and how well they can put them all to work at the appropriate time…Good agents keep their word, don’t make promises they cannot keep, are on time and follow up with active communication throughout the transaction process. They are going in to bat for their clients to get the best outcomes for them.

When good Agents “connect the dots” for the buyer and the seller, they bring other important relationships into the process at the right time, like their Mortgage Broker contact or their Conveyancer Connection…possibly even their builder for renovations or even their Pest Controller contact, maybe even another Agent like a buyers advocate if need be etc…it takes the stress out of the way. Great Agents supply far more than simply “selling a property” their contacts knowledge and business acumen can be the difference to ensuring a smooth transaction and a happy client.

If an agent has the ability to reach-out at a moments notice, to any one of their contacts that can assist in making a transaction go smoothly for the buyer or seller they are going to greatly enhance the sale process in their favour. If an Agent simply lists a property online and hopes for the best and waits for the phone to ring, it becomes very transactional and no real value is being added…therefore, either the buyer or the seller may not be super enthusiastic about writing that effortless 5 Star Review for the Agent and may leave them feeling a bit flat if the transaction stalls or becomes harder, because the Agent doesn’t offer access to the right connections to instil confidence in the decision making process…

When an Agent brings all these other relationships to the table, they are adding value to the process. They can quickly bring people they know, who are also exceptional at their Jobs and this in turn can add tremendous credibility and confidence to the process. They make it make sense and look simple even though there are challenges and obstacles because they are engaging the right personnel to put out any fires.

Great relationships mean more sales as a result but this isn’t the real reason for an agent to activate these relationships. Having contacts and connections can even ensure referral work comes your way and the channels for future prospects and sales is activated.

Real estate principals and owners want their people to be able to activate these relationships and add value to the process. Agents who know how to work their relationships to the benefit of the buyer and seller. These Agents are the best recruits for any agency.

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