A Career in Real Estate Equips You With Valuable Transferable Skills

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Are you looking for a future career path or simply want a change?  Or maybe you are looking for a career as a stepping stone for future careers?  If so, have you considered working in the real estate industry as a future career?  

Don’t worry you don’t have to be a sales agent, there are many career paths within the property industry. Starting out in real estate is more than just a career.  It’s a stepping stone of valuable skills that can be transferable to other careers into the future. 

We discuss the top 6 skills you learn from real estate that are transferable and valuable in any career: 

Build Confidence in Speaking 

Speaking publicly can be daunting, even for people who have an outgoing and confident personality.  This can make the difference between good and excellent real estate agents. Through the practice and training involved with a career in real estate, you will gain the ability to deliver pitches to clients in a confident and professional manner. You will also learn the art of the ability to sell key messages to both current and potential clients, which is an essential tool for any great real estate professional. 

The ability to speak in public with confidence is transferable into any industry or even your personal life. This could be used anywhere from presenting briefs, being interviewed, conversing with co-workers and employers, networking or simply helping to build a confident and approachable manner. 

The Art of Negotiation 

Whether you’re a property manager or sales agent the art of negotiation is key to success within the real estate industry. It is for this reason that being trained on how to negotiate is so important when working with clients of any kind. Having the ability to understand when to offer a compromise and when to contest a standpoint is crucial in creating the best possible outcome for yourself and your client. 


Not surprisingly, having the ability to negotiate is undeniably a fundamental skill that is applicable across all industries. This can be seen from a retail manager negotiating with a difficult customer, to negotiating a corporate contract or even dealing with staff who work under you or simply negotiating your own salary contract. 


If you ask any professional, they would all confirm the importance of organisation. Being organised not only helps you think laterally and foresee potential issues, but also allows you to have a plan in place for potential situations. In the real estate and property industries, organisation skills are essential to effectively negotiate, communicate and work with numerous clients at once. If a real agent or property manager is unorganized they can miss vital outcomes, including closing deals or ensuring rents are collectively in a timely manner. 

Once you perfect your organisation skills, you will see that your productivity and time management skills naturally improve as well.  You will be closing more deals, seeing more clients and making more money. This is why the skill of organisation is completely transferable to any future career you choose to move into.  This skill can also be seen as the building blocks for potential leadership positions into the future. 

Problem Solving 

In the real estate industry, you will find yourself dealing with a large number of different people and many times will need to be the problem solver.  As a property manager tenants may ring up regarding an issue with their rented home, or as an agent you may be required to solve problems a buyer is having with aspects of their property contract. 

Naturally as a real estate agent’s reputation is on the line, it is of the utmost importance that any issues be resolved a fast as possible. This can be expected from both a client and business partner perspective. It is for this reason that through being trained in real estate, agents instinctively have the ability to solve issues as they are laid out in front of them.  This skill proves to all future employers that you can be a competent and reliable employee. 

Presenting Yourself Professionally

Anybody who has ever dealt in the Real Estate industry can agree that there is a strong element of glitz and glamour involved. For this reason, as a real estate agent one must pride themselves on their appearance and take precautions to look as good as the houses they are selling. This is why looking as professional as possible is a requirement for anyone working with property and real estate. Once you have acquired habits to meet the high expectations on appearance, real estate professionals can very easily transfer these habits into any professional career. Not only will you be able to positively represent your next employer, but you will also be a level above others applying for job positions. 


The Art of Building Personal Relationships

Networking is essential to the growth of any business in today’s ever increasing digital landscape. These business development skills can be refined through engaging in meeting clients, working with other professionals and working with specialists from other disciplines. This understanding of how to create and maintain contacts could open doors for moving into a new career and can make your integration into other employment a lot easier. 

These important transferable skills you will gain through starting a career in real estate is just the beginning – let real estate set you up for your future! 

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