Validum’s Survival Guide for 1st Year Real Estate agents!

So you’ve just completed your registration certificate (or are thinking about completing it), and you want to know what the next step is? There are tonnes of people joining the real estate industry every year as new agents and you want to get ahead of the game (and better yet…survive) … right? Well! We were lucky enough to speak to two young guns in Real Estate to hear their tips, tricks & journey to where they are today! Ben Smith & Joseph Lordi! We’ve collated some of their favourites to bring you Validum’s 6 tips to surviving your first year in real estate! 

1. Use Your Enthusiasm To Your Advantage

You might be new to the industry, but you have something loads in Real Estate don’t have – youthful enthusiasm. 

Vendors and clients love enthusiasm, and as a young agent you are one of only few that do have that. You compare yourself to someone who’s been in the industry for twenty years that’s been there and done the same process for all those years. – Joseph Lordi

So use this to your advantage! It may be daunting to be the new player in the game BUT you are bringing new ideas, new processes and enthusiasm that’ll be a breath of fresh air for evendors.   

2. Prepare An Ideal Week

When it comes to working in real estate, effective time management is the most important element contributing to your success. Whether you are a sales agent or property manager, both roles require you to plan, prioritise and complete many daily tasks, on top of answering never-ending phone calls and emails. 

My number one tip for those entering the industry is consistency. Whether that be prospecting or your day to day marketing, dealing with clients, just making sure you are doing everything consistent. Build yourself an ideal week, and stick to it. – Ben Smith

What’s an ‘Ideal Week’? It’s a document which identifies tasks and prioritises them in an efficient daily order. This is how you can maximise your productivity and minimise your stress, which both go a long way in helping you succeed. And as Ben Smith says… stick to it! 

3. Build Your Foundation

…having the right process and the right foundation in place really does make a great agent. – Joseph Lordi

Imagine building a house with a flimsy foundation? You can guess what’s going to happen to it. Real estate is no different! Whether you work for someone else, or start your own agency right off the bat – it’s important to build solid systems, processes & procedures. Build that foundation, and the rest will follow.

4. Set A Daily Prospecting Schedule

You’ve got to build your network and get in that stream of listings – and prospecting is the way to do it. Whether it’s a lunch with a potential client, or doorknocking all the houses in your farm, it’s important you commit to regular prospecting. 

It is really important to set appointments with yourself, and stick to that. And prospecting is the biggest one of that. If you’re not setting a daily prospecting schedule you’re not gonna see that growth. – Ben Smith

5. Find A Mentor & Continue To Upskill

You will always be learning! Real estate is an ever-changing industry, and it’s important to stay on top of all new regulations, new practices & of course any good new processes that’ll benefit your business. And most importantly, finding yourself a mentor!

…find a mentor in the industry as well, that’s awesome and very beneficial. And also subscribe to a lot of real estate courses and real estate coaches as well. Learn what they are doing and try and study why they are saying things as well. Not just take on board what they are saying, but understand why they are saying that as well and see how that can truly benefit the client. – Joseph Lordi

A good mentor boosts your career, helps you set goals, and holds you accountable. You should look for someone who asks challenging questions, provides constructive criticism, offers useful resources, and willingly shares their expertise. Don’t forget to also feed off the valuable knowledge of influencers in the Real Estate industry – there are tonnes of great ones; Tom Panos, Glenn Twiddle & Dan Lee, just to name a few! 

Make your connections, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there when looking for a mentor. Create a LinkedIn account (if you haven’t already) and connect connect connect! 

6. Play The Long Game

Definitely play the long game. If you’re coming to this business to make a quick buck, I don’t think this is the business for you to be quite transparent. The clients that I was servicing 5 years ago are now becoming my clients. It’s really about playing the long game and as I said before, building that foundation and creating that database and creating relationships. It’s all about relationships. – Joseph Lordi

It’s true – things don’t always move fast with your prospects. People “um & ah” and it’s very easy for people to change their mind about wanting to sell their house! The important thing is, that you have built your relationship with these potential clients and that when the time comes – you are there to help them make the move they want. 

We’ve also got another hard truth. If you haven’t already realised it (or been told!); your first year in real estate is about learning NOT earning. But trust us, it’s worth it – good things come to those who wait! Play the long game, and be smart about the moves you make. 

Your first year in real estate might seem challenging, but these six tips will help you not just survive but thrive. A career in this industry can be truly rewarding if you simply take a few extra steps to help you get started. If you’d like more information on Validum’s online real estate courses to help you become qualified or upskill, get in touch today by calling (07) 3193 5270.

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