Top 5 Considerations For Finding Your Dream Real Estate Job

Series: I’ve got my real estate registration certificate or licence, now what?

Welcome to the new series of top tips now that you’re Registered or Licenced in real estate. When looking for a new job in real estate there are many things to consider – we detail below our top considerations to ask yourself.


We highlight below our top questions to consider when looking for your dream real estate job:

1. What type of agency do you want to work for?

Franchises versus Independents may come to mind when thinking of this question.

There is the long list of franchises; Ray White, LJ hooker, First National, Place, McGrath just to name a few. A franchise may be the answer for you if you’re wanting to work in a large firm with big teams and be able to hit the ground running. But, an independent may be more appealing if you’re looking for a single office managed by one licensee.

There are various negatives and positives for both an independent and a franchise agency and this decision will be based on your personal preference and which type of business will is the right cultural fit for you.

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2. What location do I want to work?

The location you wish to work in real estate is an important consideration.

Being close to home may be a top priority for you. You may have family commitments or don’t enjoy long commutes at the beginning and end of every day.

Perhaps it may be better to follow the type of properties that interest you, such as inner-city apartments, expensive locations with large luxury homes, further afar cheaper properties, new estates, rural properties.

By considering the location you want to work easily allows you to effectively target the type of agencies and the top agents you want to work for.

3. What type of job should I start at?

Are you confident enough to jump straight into being a real estate agent, property manager or sales person? If so great, apply directly for these roles, however you may need to go the extra effort to get yourself noticed if you don’t have experience.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little daunted starting a new career with any experience – not knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. We suggest you consider starting as a Sales Associate, working under an established agent and learn from the best in the industry.

If a Sales Associate sounds like the right first step for you, it is a good idea to research top agents within the area you want to work and:
• connect with them on social media
• call and email them and tell them you think they would be a great mentor
• call them and ask if you can work for them
• show persistence and tenacity

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4. What type of salary can I expect?

Did you know that there is a Real Estate Industry Award. CLICK HERE to view the industry pay scale.

There are several factors which affect your potential earning capacity within the real estate industry. We suggest you do your own due diligence and become familiar with new legislation changes to the Real Estate Industry Award by CLICKING HERE.

5. Who will I work for?

Do your research! You want to ensure who you work for is ethically and culturally aligned with your values and expectations.

Why not look on their website and call directly someone who works there and ask them how they find the culture and environment.

Search the Principals or the Agent you intend on working under – how many sales have they made? What do their bios say? What do they say on social media? What are their reviews?


In summary our advice is to:
• Take the time to work out what is right for you and what your expectations are.
• Consider the locations you would be prepared to work at?
• Consider what type of real estate work you want to do now and into the future?
• Consider what type of salary you need to earn as a minimum?
• Consider what is your dream work cultural environment and which companies suit that?

Don’t take these considerations too lightly. Undertake detailed research into agencies, locations, industry awards and your potential career paths. If you spend the time upfront getting this research and choosing a job that is right for you – a long rewarding career in real estate awaits.

We look forward to sharing more in this series “I’ve got my real estate registration certificate or licence, now what?” with you over the coming months.