Top 3 Time Management Tips to Get You Through Your Studies

Time management can be a challenge for anyone who juggles multiple priorities in their life such as children, work, partners, friends – things can certainly get busy. So finding additional time to study on top of an already packed agenda can be difficult.

If you don’t have an effective time management plan, you might feel stressed, pressured and overwhelmed. This could ultimately lead to missed deadlines, feelings of giving up and loss of motivation. To prevent this from happening, we outline our 3 time management tips to help get you through your studies!

Have a dedicated study space

Having a dedicated place to study is essential to focus your mind and improve your concentration Your study space should be distraction free, a quiet place where you can feel motivated and organised. Use these tips to help you study.

  • Put away your phone and turn off your social media account and emails while studying
  • Make your study space comfortable, sit on a pillow or listen to music
  • Create a motivational wall with phrases of success, motivational quotes, your study goals and your life goal.

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If visiting the Student Lounge isn’t possible, you can also try and visit your local library or café during for your study times. An area dedicated for study is better than studying in bed or on the couch. The space should be associated purely with study and shouldn’t present distractions, meaning you will be well on your way to completing your course in no time!

Make Schedules

Scheduling is important to plan out all your daily activities and ensure you leave yourself enough time to study and complete your important tasks. To schedule effectively, follow these tips:

  • Identify the activities you do weekly in the time you have available in a calendar
  • Block in the essential tasks you must do throughout your day (e.g. If you work/play sport or look after children)
  • Allocate study intervals during spare blocks of time

Treat your study time as an external appointment you have, and ensure everyone you live with knows that you are not to be disturbed during this time.

This schedule should work as a reminder or “game-plan”. Keep it in a visible space like your fridge, mirror or study desk and follow it the best you can. Reward yourself for following the schedule by taking a nice bath or enjoying a meal out. After a couple weeks of this, you should start to feel much better!

To help you on your scheduled way, you can download and use our FREE 2019 Calendar HERE.

Prioritise Your Study Course

Decide which parts of your course are most important and which needs (or what you want) to be done first. Create a specific schedule to write these priorities into your allocated study times. To prioritise effectively, follow these tips:

  • Pull together a list of all your tasks
  • Identify urgent vs. important
  • Order them by estimated effort (If one would take longer than the other than this needs to be accounted for and prioritised accordingly)

Remember that even with priorities and a schedule, sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Being flexible and adaptable in these situations will save you a lot of stress. If you stay committed and focused to completing your set tasks you won’t feel as pressured and your goals will feel much more achievable.

We hope this helps with your time management and motivation to study. Essentially, doing these things should help you feel less pressured and give you a clearer mind. Not only will you start to feel more positive in your study life, but you should start to feel happier in your home life too because overall, you are managing your time better.
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