The advantages of short courses over University degrees

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Not sure what you want to do with your life now that school is over or perhaps a career change is on the cards?  You don’t need to have a university degree and study for years to have a great career.  

We discuss the reasons why short courses have an advantage over university degrees.  In particular we focus on why a Real Estate Course with Validum could be your next move!

Start A New Career Quickly

When considering a new career, the thought of years of studying a university degree can be quite daunting,  especially if you have a mortgage and bills to pay. So why not take the fast road to success with a shorter course?

Did you know that you can study for your Real Estate Agent Licence or Registration Certificate in only a few months?  If you have experience in business, you could also complete a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate), the highest real estate qualification within a few months. Simply call Validum Real Estate Training to get started on your new career today.

A Flexible, Personalised Way of Learning

The key advantage of studying a short course is having the ability to work full time whilst studying. Unlike university degrees where the courses demand anywhere between 15 to 20 contact hours per week, short courses like the Real Estate Courses offered at Validum Real Estate Training can be completed at your own pace, in your own time through our Interactive Learner Portal.  What’s even better is you can access one of Validum Real Estate Training’s trainers and assessors for personalised tuition and support. At Validum Real Estate Training we take pride in getting to know our students on a personal basis.  

Now you truly have the flexibility to study your way.  Perhaps you prefer to purely undertake your course online, or you may be more comfortable having personalised support.  Validum Real Estate Training offers a blended approach to learning with the benefits of an easy to use online learner portal with all the resources, videos and notes you need, plus the option to come into the Institute and study in our Student Lounge with direct access to trainers and assessors.  

An Affordable Qualification

Yes having a qualification is important.  It prepares you for your career ahead and shows dedication and commitment as a job candidate.  But why study at university for 3 or 4 years only to spend the next ten years paying your qualification off?  

Did you know that for less than half the price of one university subject, you can complete on your entry level real estate course which will allow you to work in real estate and property and be a sales agent or property manager?  At Validum Real Estate Training for as little as $400 you could be on your way to a new career.  

Start Earning Money Sooner

With a course that is affordable and can be completed in a matter of months, you can start your new career and start earning an income in a short amount of time – a lot quicker than doing a university degree. 

Once you complete your Real Estate Registration Certificate or Licence Course at Validum Real Estate Training, apply to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading for your Real Estate Salesperson Registration Certificate and start your new career – it’s as simple as that.  Some of the students at Validum have gone on to sell properties all within a matter of months and couldn’t be happier.

So whether you are looking to jump straight into your ideal career, expand your already built up skill set, or wanting a career change, enrolling in a short course can be a great step in improving your employability!  

Why not call the team at Validum Real Estate Training today on (07) 3193 5270 and see how we can help you make a successful career change.