Placed Australia

Sure, Real Estate is booming across QLD at the moment and it’s a great time to start your Real Estate journey. First steps…get licensed, then…get a Job! Easier said than done right?

Since opening the doors on October 2020, in the height of the COVID pandemic, Placed Australia Real Estate Recruitment have gone on to become one of Queensland’s leading Recruitment Agencies for Real Estate.

Placed Australia have an enviable client portfolio consisting of Queensland’s leading Real Estate brands, boutiques & independents and have made the job search process super-easy for established Agents and people looking to start their Real Estate career.

Placed Australia Founder – Andrew Turnbull said: “Flicking your resume out to any Agency hoping to get noticed is not that efficient. You must be a little more strategic than that. We sit in the boardrooms with Agency Principals on a weekly basis and we have direct insights to their growth goals and expansion strategies, and when we find the right people that match what they want, we can usually get the interview process underway pretty quickly.” Andrew said.

As a candidate, using a Recruiter to help you find a Job does not cost a thing. Recruiters get paid by their clients to find the right people, and it can save you a heap of time and effort by letting the Recruiter do the work for you.

Relationships built up over time by the Recruiter with their clients can be just the thing to get you in the interview chair. A quick phone call from your Recruiter to an Agency Principal to let them know “we found someone you should meet” can be just the ticket you have been hoping for.

Placed Australia specialises in all aspects of Real Estate Recruitment from Sales Agents, Sales Associates, Admin Staff, Property Management, Reception & more… they even move entire Real Estate teams across to other brand structures on occasion.

With over 100 vacancies and Agencies screaming out for good people, you can confidently reach out to the team at Placed Australia for assistance when you’re ready for your next move.

Andrew said: “The biggest hurdle we face with newly qualified recruits coming into Real Estate, is they have the wrong idea about what the first 1-2 years in Real Estate is like. The first 2 years or so is extremely hard. It’s not a “Normal Job”. It’s a heap of work for very little financial reward in the beginning. Real Estate is a prospecting game and if you’re not comfortable spending 6 days a week on the phone calling strangers or door knocking to ask people if they are looking to sell their home, then you could end up one of the 82% of people who start out in Real Estate then leave.” Andrew highlighted.

In light of this high statistic of 82% of newly licensed Real Estate entrants leaving the industry, Andrew took the time to write an article that anyone thinking of starting their career in Real Estate should definitely read!

Real Estate is essentially starting your own business. You’re a “brand within a brand” and you must be ready to promote yourself and build it all up from scratch. If you get all the elements right, join the right Agency, get the right training and support, you can certainly go on to have a wildly successful career in Real Estate where the work gets a little easier the longer you’re in the game…

If you would like to reach out to the team at Placed Australia, you can visit their website or send your CV directly to