How Pinterest Can Increase Your Customer Leads

Social media platform, Pinterest, can effectively increase your customer leads. But, to win new business from this platform, you need to create boards that drive traffic back to your website. As a real estate agent, the following five Pinterest boards can help boost your leads.

1. Local Market Area Board

When it comes to increasing your customer leads using Pinterest, it’s important that you think local. Target specific suburbs in your market area by setting up a board for each one. Simply include the suburb name in the board title. Next, under each suburb’s board, you should ‘pin’ images which promote its key features. For example, why not post images of a suburb’s local cafes, parks, recreation activities, entertainment precincts and businesses. These images help tell the story of each suburb in your market area, and attract prospects looking to join these types of communities.

2. Buyers Dream Home Board

Setting up a board for prospective buyers is a great way to tap into their ‘dream home’ desires. Since Pinterest is about sharing inspirational ideas, your buyers board should share images of dream homes for sale in your market area. It’s a good idea to invest in a professional photographer who shoots your properties with Pinterest in mind. You should post photos of your listed properties’ finer details, such as idyllic courtyards, enviable walk-in closets, grand pools, luxurious fireplaces, trendy home décor and beautiful high ceilings. Your pins should showcase property features that make prospective buyers think they’ve found their dream home, so feel compelled to make an enquiry.

3. Home Decorating Ideas Board

Another Pinterest board which can help attract prospective buyers is one dedicated to home decorating ideas. This board can inspire prospects to dream even more about how they will decorate their ‘dream home’. You should pin images which suggest different ways to style homes. For instance, you could showcase examples of homes beautifully decorated in Art Deco, Industrial, Minimalist, Scandinavian or Rustic themes. This is a great way to help prospects picture themselves in a new home decorated to their liking, which inspires them to buy sooner rather than later.

4. Sellers Tips Board

A Sellers Tips Board is a strategic way to attract prospective sellers in your market area. This board is dedicated to pinning images of helpful tips and tricks to maximise the returns on properties owners are selling. Position yourself as the expert on this topic by sharing staging, cleaning, home repairs, renovations and styling tips. These pins could be of beautiful home décor, helpful infographics, or links to blog posts providing more information. This board helps prospective sellers figure out the best ways to prepare their properties, and keeps you top-of-mind once they are ready to sell.

5. Your Recommendations Board

Pinterest is also a great way to build your personal brand. Think of something that you’re passionate about, such as foodie hangouts, walking trails or cultural festivals, and create a board about it. To attract prospects, you must then relate this passion back to your market area. For example, if you have a passion for travel, why not create a board recommending great spots for weekend getaways in your area. If you manage an area such as the Gold Coast, you could pin a plethora of destinations. This is an effective way to promote both you as an agent and the area you service. What’s more, if you specialise in a niche, such as beachfront properties, this board can also help promote your speciality services and attract new leads.

If you want to increase your customer leads, create these Pinterest boards to reach more prospects in your market area. And, if you’re looking to become qualified in the real estate industry or upskill your real estate qualifications, call Validum Institute TODAY on (07) 3193 5270 to find out more about our fresh new blended approach to learning.

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