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Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

If you are paying your course fees in instalments under a payment plan, the following terms and conditions will apply. By making your first instalment payment, you are taken to have agreed to the payment plan terms and conditions below.

Validum will advise you before you enrol into your Course:

  • the number of instalments you have to pay;
  • the amount of each instalment, and the total amount of the instalments; and
  • the frequency by which each instalment becomes due and payable.

After you have paid your first instalment, you will be granted full access to your Course in the Validum Institute Portal (VIP).

If you need to revise your payment plan, you will need to pay a Payment Plan Adjustment Fee of $55 (inclusive of GST).  The Payment Plan Adjustment Fee will be added to the remaining instalments under your revised payment plan.

Notwithstanding any other provision in this Learner Handbook, you must have paid all your instalments before we issue your Statement of Attainment.

Notwithstanding any other provisions in the Enrolment Terms and Conditions, if any instalment remains overdue and unpaid for more than 3 days, Validum will automatically suspend your enrolment in your Course until such time as you have paid all outstanding instalment(s).

While your course is suspended, Validum will:

  • withhold the provision of materials for your Course;
  • suspend your access to the VIP; and
  • stop marking and grading any assessments you have submitted or resubmitted.

Please note – a course suspension due to non-payment does not change your Course Expiry Date.

To be reinstated into your course, you must pay all outstanding and overdue instalments, plus a reinstatement fee of $100 (inclusive of GST).

If your enrolment remains suspended for more than 14 days and during this time you have not made contact with Validum, and unless you notify us of any extenuating circumstances, your enrolment will be terminated by Validum.  If your enrolment is terminated due to unpaid and outstanding instalments on your payment plan:

  • you will not be entitled to a refund of any instalments you have paid;
  • you will not be issued with a Statement of Attainment for any units you have successfully completed;
  • if you wish to continue with your course, this will involve a new enrolment into the course and upfront payment of the relevant course fee current at the time of re-enrolment.

(Please also refer to the Enrolment Terms and Conditions below)