Who Do I Obtain My Real Estate Registration or Licence From?

Once you have completed your course, you will then be required to apply to the Office of Fair Trading (Queensland) (‘OFT’) for your Registration or Licence. The OFT is the governing regulatory body who issues real estate and property related Registrations and Licences. To learn more about the Property Industry Regulations for Queensland, CLICK HERE.

How Do I Apply for my Real Estate Registration or Licence?

You apply for your Registration Certificate by following these simple Steps:

  1. Check the OFT site HERE to confirm you meet the eligibility and suitability requirements.
  2. Complete the OFT Registration or Licence Forms
    1. Registration Application Form, CLICK HERE
    2. Licence Application Form, CLICK HERE
    3. Letting Agent Application Form, CLICK HERE
  3. Attach formal identification with your Application
  4. Attach to your Application a copy of your course Statement of Attainment from Validum Institute
  5. Include payment of your Registration or Licence fees with your Application

What are the Eligibility and Suitability Requirements?

Minimum Requirements
The OFT requires that you must:

  1. be over the age of 18
  2. have a Statement of Attainment for the required training course

You will need to provide additional information if you have, or are any of the following for the OFT to determine your suitability:

  • an insolvent under administration
  • currently disqualified from holding a licence or registration certificate
  • been convicted within the past 5 years of a serious offence
  • been an executive officer of a corporation that has gone into receivership or liquidation
  • been an executive officer of a corporate that was previously licenced

For a further information on eligibility and suitability requirements, click on the links below

Regulatory Registration or Licence Fees

When you apply to the OFT for your Registration or Licence, you will be required to pay a fee with your application. These fees are imposed by the Office of Fair Trading (Queensland).
As at October 2017, the application fees are:

  • Real Estate Salesperson Registration Certificate application fees:
    • $323 for a 1 year registration or $548.90 for a 3 year registration
    • Criminal history check fee of $39
  • Real Estate Agent Licence application fees:
    • $1,377.30 for a 1 year licence or $2,582.30 for a 3 year licence
    • Criminal history check fee of $39
      To view the full list of the property industry regulation fees and forms, CLICK HERE.

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Registration / Licence After I Submit My Application?

The average processing time for your Application through the OFT is 4 – 6 weeks.
If your application is incomplete, the OFT will contact you requesting additional information. In this circumstance your application may take longer to complete.
You may find that handing your application directly into the OFT in person can increase your application turnaround. If you wish to hand your application in person, visit the OFT at Upper Plaza, 33 Charlotte Street, Brisbane City.

OFT Breaches and Penalties

The Office of Fair Trading (Queensland) (‘OFT’) has a number of breaches and penalties you should be aware of when it comes to your Property and Real Estate Registration or Licence.
These include operating without a Registration or Licence with a maximum penalty of $25,230 or 2 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of $12,615 for failing to update your personal details.
For a full listing of the OFTs Property Industry Breaches and Penalties, CLICK HERE.

What if I Have Questions to Ask the OFT?

If you have any questions regarding your OFT Application, please contact them directly between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday on 13 74 68.