New Year, New Career? How To Start A Career In Real Estate

If you’ve been thinking about a career change in the New Year, then you should consider becoming a real estate professional. A career in real estate can be both exciting and rewarding, with the potential to achieve great success. To get the best start in your new real estate career, here are six things you should consider.

  1. Ask Yourself If Real Estate Is Right For You

Learn everything about the real estate profession to ensure you are choosing a career that is right for you. Are you a self-starter, good communicator, disciplined, and not afraid of hard work and working weekends? Understanding the profession and your own strengths can help you decide whether real estate is right for you. The following websites are a great place to start with lots of industry news and articles:  or  or

If you find property and investment is something you find of interest or simply being charge of your own destiny and earning capacity, then real estate is the perfect career choice for you.

  1. Research Agency Types And Roles

Research agency types and roles to help you understand which potential direction you would like to take your career. Do you want to work with an independent or franchise agency? Do you want to work in a sales, residential, property management or administration role? This helps you become clear on what you specifically want to do in real estate.  Validum recently discussed the pros and cons on each type of agency – read more at

  1. Start Building Your Database

Reach out and connect with people in the industry. As with any career move, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Whilst completing the necessary training is essential, building a database of potential colleagues, mentors and trainers will help kick-start your new career, and may lead to job opportunities. Attending industry-related networking events, joining relevant Facebook groups and connecting with potential employers and colleagues via LinkedIn or in person are good ways to get started.

  1. Complete Real Estate Or Property Management Courses

To work in the real estate industry and role of your choice, you need to complete the necessary training. Validum Institute’s real estate and property management courses are nationally accredited, which means your results and qualifications are recognised Australia-wide. Our entry level real estate training courses, such as our Registration Certificate or Resident Letting Agent Course, help you take the first steps to becoming a real estate professional.  Talk to Validum Institute’s trainers and assessors about which course and career path is best for you.

  1. Apply For Your Registration Certificate

Once you’ve completed your real estate or property management training, you then need to apply for your Registration Certificate. After you have successfully completed your Registration Certificate Course at Validum Institute, we issue you a Statement of Attainment for the Units of Competency. You will need this to apply to the Office of Fair Trading for your Registration Certificate so that you can start work in the industry.

  1. Research Agencies You Want To Work With And Apply Within!

Now that you’re registered, you need to decide which real estate agencies you’d like to work with and see if any positions are available. When researching agencies, it’s a good idea to chat with their current and past employees to find out what it’s really like working there. This can help you determine which agency is best for you and your career goals. Then, simply leave your resume with the agency, or apply for any relevant available positions!

If you’re looking to make the move to real estate in the New Year and need to become qualified, call Validum Institute TODAY on (07) 3193 5270 to find out more about our fresh new blended approach to learning.

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