Need to renew your Real Estate Registration Certificate or Licence?

We tell you what you need to know to renew your Queensland Real Estate Registration or Licence, including linking you to the new online renewal service from the Office of Fair Trading:

  1. You are responsible for renewing with the Office of Fair Trading Queensland (OFT) your Licence or Registration BEFORE it expires.
  2. Your Licence or Registration must be renewed either annually or every three years, depending on which you selected.
  3. Unsure of when your registration / Licence expires? – You can search your details HERE. Simply search the register at the bottom of the page or you can contact the OFT on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).
  4. The OFT will send you a renewal notice 4-6 weeks before it is due to expire.
  5. You can NOW APPLY ONLINE for your renewal with the OFT via the OFT HERE.
  6. You can also apply in person or by mail.
  7. Complete the renewal form, indicate a 1 or 3 year licence, add names/addresses of any business associates, pay your fees.The following renewal fees plus a $39.20 criminal history check fee apply.real estate licence renewal fees
  8. The OFT requires a 4-6 week processing time.
  9. If you are renewing your Licence you must also complete a Trust Account Audit Report online to report how you managed your trust accounts.
  10. Opps, you forgot your renewal? Don’t worry you can always “Restore” your Licence or Registration up to 3 months after it expires. There is a small admin late fee payable.
  11. Remember it is illegal to work without a valid Licence or Registration, so be diligent with timing of your renewal.

Source:  Office of Fair Trading Queensland Website

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