How Your Mummy Skills Can Make You a Success

As a part-time working mother in the real estate industry, I have come to realise that not only once children come along your life changes significantly, but you also change as a person.  Having a child dependant on you causes you to develop a whole new range of survival, oops I mean life skills.

But how can we make these skills work for us?  Perhaps you are looking to return to the workforce or seeking a new career with the ability to work the hours you want and still unleash uncapped earning potential? A career in real estate can offer you this.  You can be a millionaire mum!

How can we make our motherhood skills help us be successful? I take a look at my top attributes gained being a mother and how these skills can see you in a successful career in real estate:

1. Building Networks

That’s right mummas, we have become business development and networking queens without even knowing it. All those random conversations we strike up in the park with other parents we have never met purely because they have a child and so do you.  You look for commonalities at every turn and you seek friends with similar issues or character traits that your child has. It is the bond that can build life-long friendships. This ability you have been finessing over your motherhood years is perfect for a career in real estate.  The natural talent to form a connection and seek out commonalities with total strangers. Being a mother makes you an expert on networking and relationship building essential for being a top real estate agent.

2. Taking multi-tasking and organisation to a whole new level

Being a corporate career woman before having children, I would always pride myself on my ability to multi-task.  That was until I became a mother. I soon realised that the art of multi-tasking could be taken to a whole new level.  I always thought if someone wasn’t looking at you when you talk to them they were never really listening.  Well, having a child leaves us with no choice, we have managed to adapt out of necessity. Our new-found organisation, planning, and multi-tasking skills are essential for mapping out your schedule with client appointments, showings, contract and settlement dates. These skills now natural to you will ensure you never miss a key appointment ensuring your selling success.

3. Your ability to see the dream

The great thing being a mother is we have been through many stages of life, we know what it’s like to be single, live with others and what is needed for a family home.  Success in selling property can be all about how you sell the dream to the potential buyer.  Will the property suit the needs of a single, couple or family?  How will the local amenities suit those needs? Your experience will help you paint the dream to potential buyers, getting them emotionally invested in the property.  This is what sells, thus making you a success!

4. Advanced negotiation skills

Who has a mother has not mastered this skill? We all have!  Try reasoning with a two or three-year-old when often there is no reason. I laughed when someone told me their toddler was devastated because they woke up without their glasses and when the mother tried to tell the toddler that he didn’t wear glasses a hysterical breakdown occurred.  So negotiation skills – yep mummies I think you have that covered! Your ability to reason, look at things from other people’s view, to stay calm during chaos will make you the best real estate negotiator around.

5. Becoming an internet and social media brand master

Yep, you probably didn’t realise it, however, you really have become your own digital media master.  I am sure you are a member of a large number of community baby or children blog pages, Facebook groups, or you buy and sell your children’s things online continually.  You have most likely been active in seeking advice, or providing advice, from your baby experiences with other mothers. Well, this is all personal branding and without realising it you have already become an expert.  It is a very easy step to transition to doing exactly the same but on a property and real estate angle.  Before you know it you will have built your personal brand in your new career giving you that competitive edge.

As you can see your mummy talents are not only necessary, but they have also prepared you for a successful career.  Why not take the chance and talk to us today about obtaining your entry level qualifications for a career in real estate.  This could be your pathway to being a millionaire mum. You now know you have the skills, so take action today and make it happen!
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