Is Now a Good Time to Get Into Real Estate?

As a previous agent and a current industry trainer I am always asked the question “Is now a good time to get into real estate?”.  However during these current uncertain times, I find I am getting asked this question more often.  So here is my answer!

You may be surprised to know that there is never really a good or bad time to be in Real Estate. COVID has impacted us all in some way, however, one of the great things I am proud to say about our real estate industry is how resilient property prices and rentals have been through the biggest crisis of the 21st Century.

Why is the industry attracting growth and more people –time has shown that whether there is chaos politically or even a global crisis, people will always need a place to live. During COVID, people still need to rent, buy homes, and with investors they’ll see opportunity in real estate. For this reason, a career in real estate is for the long term.  I personally joined the real estate industry full time after the Global Financial Crisis and like a pandemic, it will teach you how to ride through the choppy waters and this learning curve will prepare you for the good times.  Quite often you will find that following (or even during) a downturn that real estate will boom and you can become a success.

This is why real estate stands up as genuine contender as a good long term career choice – financial rewarding despite the economy and relatively easy and inexpensive to get qualified for.

Don’t be fooled though that it’s all fancy suits, nice cars and you’ll be raking in the money. My best advice is do your research and think about real estate as a long term career, your first years in real estate should be all about “learning not earning”.  You need to be prepared to start at the bottom doing the hard yards, learning from those around you, and working your way up the success ladder.

Does this sound like a career for you?  Why not enrol today in your real estate course and begin your first step to real estate success. Validum Institute, Queensland’s best dedicated real estate training organisation has course payment plans starting from only $55 per week. In as little as a few weeks you could be trained and (after about 4-6 weeks) licenced, and for all under $1000 – with no experience or pre-requisites needed, why wouldn’t you sign up for that chance?

There really is no better time or any excuse not to give a career in real estate a go and become a real estate agent or property manager in 2021.

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