Introducing The National Property Research Co

The National Property Research Co (NPR Co) was founded in 1999 by the Director, Matthew Gross. It was initially established as the sole research division for Herron Todd White valuers in Brisbane, the largest privately-owned valuation practice in Australia. In late 2001 The National Property Research Company expanded outside of Herron Todd White to grow into one of Australia’s most respected property research and real estate advisory firms.

NPR Co. is a Brisbane based company that undertakes work nationally with particular expertise in sectors that relate to residential property and people in the urban environment. The firm provides property market insights that are based on independent research and local market knowledge established through a wide network of property market contacts. As a result, clients receive the most up to date, bespoke information and advice to ensure they make the most informed business decisions.

NPR Co is a business based on wearing out boot leather, car tyres and plane seats. We believe that in order to really know what is happening in the property market you have to get out there and see what is actually happening. The best research is that which is conducted at the frontline.  Reliable research that provides a cutting-edge advantage to our clients has to be more than a desktop exercise.  Markets often change rapidly, so a data lag of three to six months will mean that in some circumstances, competitive advantages are lost.  Talking with key stakeholders is our specialty and we pride ourselves on it.

As a result of the significant intellectual property gained since 1999, the business has one of the most experienced research teams in Queensland.  This can help you as the client understand market cycles, buyer motivations, find development sites or make sure you are not going to pay too much for those projects you may have under due diligence or investigation.  Remember, the market doesn’t care what you paid for the site, they care about what your product is worth when it is built.  More often than not, profit is made when you buy, not when you sell.

Let NPR Co be your independent real estate advisor!

Through the firm’s extensive network of industry leaders, the highly qualified staff have developed an expertise at cutting through to the real issues. This has seen The National Property Research Company involved with over 30 UDIA award winning projects since 2004. A record we are intensely proud of.

As a highly independent research and real estate advisory business, The National Property Research Co does not sell or market property or provide town planning services. Our advice is relied upon by most of the ASX listed property firms, The State Government, Local Governments, the courts, large private firms, mining conglomerates and high net worth individuals.  NPR Co. is also proud to be a business liaison to the Reserve Bank of Australia for matters relating to real estate.

Notable Projects

NPR Co has worked on a number of diverse projects that have showcased our broad range skills.  Most recently, the firm has been involved in the new City at Maroochydore.  This will be the Sunshine Coast CBD that will finally provide an identifiable commercial hub.  At present there is no CBD on the Sunshine Coast and this has proven problematic in attracting business in the past.  It is important to note that this type of research saw the business head to San Francisco and San Jose, two of the world’s leading tech hubs as well as Singapore to give consideration around densities and business activation given the new broadband cable that lands at Maroochydore this year.  New CBD’s are so interesting because they involve almost every aspect of property and the community.

NPR Co provided integral research into the Commonwealth Games Village.  The challenges around building the athletes village and how it would relate to the market were critical to establishing the finance vehicle that the State Government eventually supported.  However, there were also important structural issues that were worked through regarding the post games release of stock into the market.  Getting this right was highly important to ensure that the local residential offer did not see value erosion through a mass dumping of village accommodation into Southport.  To date, the strategy has proven highly effective.

The regions are places that NPR Co hold in very high regard.  Generally, the problems experienced by cities are amplified in the regions.  Unemployment is felt more acutely, the breadth of services often can be challenging for residents and many centres are reliant on one industry, so highly susceptible to federal and even global influences.  Many regional centres almost a decade on are dealing with the over-exuberance created by greed through the last resource boom.  This has a very human impact on the people that are left to pick up the pieces.  We love being involved in these centres to assist with good planning and economic outcomes.

Focus groups are something that we really enjoy.  They allow for insights that you just can’t get from data crunching.  Some of our favourite focus groups have been with retirees in the retirement village and manufactured home estates.  We have learnt some very insightful points around marketing collateral, what having a deferred management fee actually feels like a type of ownership, and how functional over pretty is often more highly regarded.

We have also run focus groups and one on one interviews with high net worth individuals.  What you expect and what is real is often two very different things.  Many high net worth individuals are self-made, street smart and unrecognisable.  They are not showing off the bling as many people think.  You’ll probably find many of them driving their Toyota Landcruiser to work, rather than a Ferrari.

So, the NPR Co is a research and real estate advisory business that really is about helping people de-risk their projects, enhance their profitability and solve their problems before they become problems.  Being one of the oldest property research firms in Brisbane, we have seen a few cycles and good and bad projects, many for different reasons.  Property is a people game, so being property economists as well as sociologists gives us a very unique set of skills.

About the Author:

Matthew is the Managing Director of The National Property Research Co.  He heads up one of Australia’s most respected property research houses that has grown on the back of honesty, integrity and innovation. Matthew is highly regarded as being able to provide both strategic direction and tactical strategies to ensure that the project values, both social and economic are maximised. He has been involved in providing insight into some of the country’s biggest property transactions and largest residential developments.

Contact Matt direct on or 0416 144 625.

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