Interview with a Brisbane Real Estate Principal on the Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)

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Recently, Validum Institute interviewed Brisbane Real Estate Agent, Tony McLoughlin – Principal of Kindred Wavell Heights. Tony has 22 years Real Estate experience and has seen the industry grow and evolve since his began his career at RE/MAX in 1997.

Tony generously shared his thoughts with us on having the CPP40307 Certificate IV Property Services (Real Estate) (“Certificate IV”) and where he sees the industry going in the next few years.

Q: Why do you think Real Estate Agents (“Agent”) should study the Certificate IV?

A: Knowledge is power in real estate. In a tough market, you should aim to be more qualified because you will need more knowledge to handle a tougher market. A higher qualification like the Certificate IV teaches you how to negotiate, develop teams and more which helps you in a tough market.

Having a higher qualification can also create more opportunities for employment if you are new to the industry and can even help you secure more business (listings) as an already established agent, especially when you are more knowledgeable and competing against another agent who has only completed a short course in real estate.

At the end of the day, the more you know – the better an agent you will be. You are not left guessing, which looks better to clients.

Q: As a Principal and an Employer, why would you prefer to hire someone who has the Certificate IV over any other qualification?

A: Personally, I hire for ambition, drive and attitude. In saying that, if I had two applicants that both possessed those attributes – I would prefer to hire someone who is more qualified. I think it shows they value learning and education and they would be more informed simply from studying the Certificate IV. It also saves them from having to upgrade later.

As well as studying to be licenced in real estate, you have to be dedicated to ongoing learning ie. personal and professional development. The learning process is a must in the real estate industry.

Q: Based on what the southern States are doing, we anticipate the Certificate IV will become the minimum licensing requirement for the real estate industry in Queensland. Do you see this happening?

A: It’s not just New South Wales and Victoria, every industry body around Australia believes and is trying to push that all people who work in real estate should be more qualified. To put it simply, real estate agents have the potential to earn a 6 figure income after studying a short course in real estate and occupations like lawyers and doctors have to study for years and obtain a University degree to earn the same amount.

The governing body for real estate across Australia is trying to push for higher education in the industry, not only so that agents are more knowledgeable and more qualified but so the industry is regarded as a higher profession.

It is going to change, there is no doubt in my mind and once it becomes a requirement, the cost of the qualification will go up. So, it’s best that agents and newcomers to the industry upskill or obtain the higher qualification as soon as they can.

Q: Do you think it’s important for Real Estate professionals to upgrade their qualifications?

A: It’s important to be learning continuously and upgrading your qualifications whenever you can.
Having the Certificate IV gives you the chance to possibly be paid more, because you are more qualified
It creates more opportunity within your real estate career
It shows you are as educated and informed about the industry as you can be

Gone are the days of shop front agencies – everything is online these days. The real estate industry is not like it was, I started with a ‘brick phone’ and a phone book. The industry is quickly evolving and moving forward in such a positive way.

We need to be evolving and growing with it.

If you are dedicated to your professional development and want to study the CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) we can help you. Call (07) 3193 5270 or email for more information on how to get started.