How to Easily Start Your Own Agency?

Are you looking to start your own Real Estate Agency but not sure where to begin?  Working with experts in this field is a great place to start.

An AgentNet membership is revolutionising how agents build their businesses, market, manage and sell properties.

Let’s find out more…..

You’ve just received your real estate course Statement of Attainment from Validum Real Estate Training and you’re prepared to begin an exciting career working in real estate and learning how to sell or manage property. The next step is to  apply for your Queensland real estate licence here through the Queensland Government.

Perhaps you’ve already started looking for real estate jobs near you, hoping to join a large real estate agency such as Di Jones, McGrath, The Agency or LJ Hooker.

Or perhaps you wanted to take the plunge immediately and are trying to set up your own agency.

But now the COVID-19 pandemic has hit and thrown a spanner in your plans.

The incredible economic uncertainty means agencies aren’t hiring at this time and it’s harder to obtain funds such as a bank loan to set up your business, pay for leasing costs, equipment and marketing.

It probably seems like the worst time to start your career in real estate, right?

Wrong.  NOW is actually a fantastic opportunity to start your own business in real estate, and here’s why…

Membership through AgentNet

AgentNet provides the platform for a virtual real estate agency that allows you to set up your own agency business immediately and at minimal cost. AgentNet’s mission is to provide an affordable service while maintaining the integrity of AgentNet’s accounts with Domain and REA.

AgentNet provides all the tools necessary for agents to build their virtual agency, appraise and value their properties, and then list and sell or rent properties in Australia via REA,  Domain and several other sites.

How it works

New members can quickly and easily set up an AgentNet account, which is charged on a subscription basis. You can subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months. So unlike with REA and Domain, you no longer have to enter into minimum 12-month contracts to start listing your properties.

AgentNet also provides all the services an agent needs but at much lower cost.

You can have a property appraised for its estimated value and instead of paying an additional $399 per year for Appraisal Software, it’s included in your low monthly subscription fee with AgentNet.

Similarly, instead of paying an additional approx. $300 per year for REI Forms access and another approx. $300 per year for portal uploader software, AgentNet offers flexible monthly options for all these programmes that will be included in your monthly subscription price. Additionally, the AgentNet Premium Portal uploader software also includes app driven CRM and marketing software.

Setting up your own agency, would likely cost from around $2,758 per month doing so independently via REA and Domain compared to from $450 per month (excluding GST and assuming you choose a 12 month subscription) when you become an AgentNet member and set up a virtual agency with us.

How AgentNet Can Help?

AgentNet will help you start your own business with all the support and advice you need on how to get started.

Instead of having to pay significant costs to set up a bricks-and-mortar office, you can have your business up and running in no time by simply paying one low monthly fee.  Work from home rather than in an office. You can also keep your own hours which makes it great for parents and those with other commitments.

AgentNet provides other benefits too.

Rather than losing 50% or more of your commission to your employer, AgentNet instead charges a low flat fee on property sales that varies depending on the subscription you choose.

So, becoming an AgentNet member has multiple benefits for both existing agents and those new to the industry. At a time when agencies aren’t hiring and it’s very difficult and expensive to set up your own business, membership through AgentNet provides you with a fantastic opportunity to set up your own virtual agency and start selling properties.

An AgentNet membership is revolutionising how agents build their businesses, market, manage and sell properties.

If you’re interested in working with AgentNet, please give Nicole or Rachelle a call on 1300 407 029.