Dispelling The Myths Of Online Training With Validum’s Personalised Blended Approach

Whether you’re thinking about starting a career in real estate or simply looking to upskill your qualifications, you will need to engage a training provider that offers nationally accredited units of competency. As you know, most training providers deliver the traditional in-class approach. Whilst this style of learning still provides value, it’s clear that students now want a more flexible way to study. In today’s fast-paced world, students are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle in-class training with day-to-day demands. Students see traditional in-class training as dated, inflexible, time-consuming and boring. Whilst many training providers are failing to respond to this student feedback, at Validum Institute we’ve taken the time to listen and provide what you want.

After listening to your concerns, we have developed a fresh and uniquely personalised blended approach to real estate training known as ‘blended learning’. Students can now access their course materials, assessments, resources, learner guides, trainer PowerPoints and video tutorials through our fully interactive and state-of-the-art learner portal. As well, students have direct access to our trainers and assessors to ensure each student’s training is truly customised to their needs. We guarantee that our new blended learning provides you with the ultimate learner experience.

Imagine being able to complete your study when and where you want, without the need to schedule time to attend classes. If you’re still feeling unsure or daunted by the thought of gaining your real estate qualifications online, let us dispel the ‘common myths’ around this learning approach and show why it’s the best way to complete your course and build a successful real estate career.

Myth #1. Online training means you’re all alone

Validum’s fresh and uniquely personalised blended approach to real estate training means you are never alone. With unlimited and free access to our trainers and assessors, you have the opportunity to complete your course with personal one-on-one training. What’s more, Validum is the only training provider that also offers a Student Lounge with free Wi-Fi, parking and coffee facilities. Simply come in and get the support you need from your dedicated trainer or assessor, or use the sanctuary to complete your assessments. And, if at any point you have a question, we provide email and phone support within 24 hours. Our blended learning means you will always feel supported.

Myth #2. Online training is not high quality

We know our online real estate courses are of the highest quality for many reasons. After receiving input from the leading real estate training experts, our online training portal provides students with all the tools and knowledge to succeed. Our training courses are nationally accredited, which means that your results and qualifications are recognised Australia-wide. We have also selected the highest calibre of Queensland real estate trainers and assessors, including industry legends such as Paula Irvine, Terri Cooper, and Jo-Anne Oliveri, to ensure our students are equipped with real on-the-job skills. And, since Validum is Queensland owned by Queenslanders, our courses are specifically designed for Queensland real estate professionals to further prepare you for the Queensland real estate industry.

Myth #3. Online training is too complicated and won’t suit my style of learning

Our online training is user-friendly and customisable to your learning needs. After sparing no expense engaging Australia’s best trainers and online designers, we know our online training is easy to use and delivers the highest quality content. With fully interactive walk-throughs, learning guide videos, trainer PowerPoints, video tutorials, mobile device compatibility and flexible course completion schedules, our online training has been designed with your best interests in mind. If at any point you need technical or course material support, we are always here to help.

Myth #4. Online training does not provide learning evaluation

We pride ourselves on our student-friendly and streamlined learning evaluation. Validum’s trainers and assessors provide personalised assessment feedback and prompt marking turnaround throughout the entire program. Validum personally takes the time to call all our students whether it’s a simple “Congratulations on successfully completing your recent assessment and keep up the good work” or a detailed assessment clarification follow-up, our learning evaluation helps keep you on track. With only four assessments for the Registration Certificate and seven assessments for the Full Real Estate Licence Course, we’ve reduced the required number so you attain your units of competency faster. As well, we have made our online assessments open book, simple to complete, common sense, competency-based, allow multiple attempts to successfully complete them, and you can save assessments mid-completion and come back at any time. We know how busy life can be, and that’s why we’ve made your learning evaluation simple, personalised and straightforward.

Myth #5. Online training qualifications are not accepted by employers

Our success stories prove that time and time again our students secure jobs in real estate shortly after completing our online training. Whilst all Queensland training providers offer some form of online learning, we have taken ours to the next level by combining trainers and assessors directly with our online courses. In fact, many employers and agency principals have commented that our blended training’s practical delivery and personalised mentoring is the perfect way to make students job ready. We know that our blended learning equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to enter the industry with confidence and build a successful real estate career.

We hope our fresh and uniquely personalised blended approach to real estate training has dispelled any concerns you may have had about gaining your real estate qualifications online. Validum Institute’s blended learning truly is the best way to not only successfully complete your course but help you succeed in real estate. If you’re looking to become a qualified in the real estate industry or to upskill your real estate qualifications, call us TODAY on (07) 3193 5270 to find out more about our fresh new blended approach to learning.

We’d love to know how Validum’s personalised blended approach to real estate training has helped you secure your new job in real estate. Email me your story at victor.james@validumgroup.com.au.