Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

We sit down with an experienced real estate agent Stephen McCann who shares what it’s like to be a real estate agent and gives us his tips to hints for those looking to enter into the industry.

Stephen, tell us a little about yourself:

I have been in real estate for around 8 years and have worked for two of the main franchises in Australia. Both of them offering a different approach to building their brand. From early on, I was taught to build my own brand. People want to deal with people and over this time, I have forged a community of clients that I look after with their real estate needs. This community is continually growing and we continue to offer more and more services for them to use when they need it.

What are the best parts about being a Real Estate Agent?

I think the best thing about real estate is when you put a deal together for your clients and they are really happy with the result. When I have sold properties above expectations or to see the smile on peoples’ faces when they purchase their new home is exhilarating.

Describe your typical day as a Real Estate Agent?

There is no typical day in real estate. It is a very dynamic industry that requires on the spot decisions daily. You can have a plan of things to get done, but it is hard follow a set of tasks on an hour by hour basis. These tasks include spending half the day on the phone, either to buyers or sellers – always to sellers that I have their property on the market and always buyers looking to buy the house they seem to like the most.

How has upskilling and ongoing training helped your real estate career?

I wouldn’t be in real estate if I didn’t upskill. I have heard it said that it can be the most rewarding job in the world, but many can’t get their head around what it takes to make a career out of it. Because it is a commission only based industry generally, you can certainly have a feast or famine lifestyle. So ongoing training in essential. Probably marketing is one of our most important roles as an agent, and yet most of us do it without a marketing background. So the more marketing learning and exposure you can get, the better you will do in your real estate career.

How can you make yourself stand out when you’re new to the industry?

Marketing + Image + Character + Personality. Be the person that people remember when they want to talk about anything real estate.

Why would you recommend people consider a career in real estate?

With the right attitude towards clients, it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Having people who spend more money than they can often afford that will take 25 years to pay off is a big responsibility. So if you’re only in it for the money, I think you will fail. You need to be a people person and be able to help people out on an ongoing basis, many times for no remuneration.

What advice would you give new entrants about making the most of their real estate career?

I believe that if you start your career thinking that you are telemarketer, then you are on the right track. Expect to have to make 100 calls per day, mostly to strangers that don’t want to talk to you. Figure out a way of offering something that might be of interest to them.

Walk the streets, talk to people and if anyone owns any property, collect their information and put it into your database or a CRM and stay in touch with them regularly.

Which skills and characteristics do you think you need to be a top agent?

I think that honesty and integrity are the biggest responsibilities in our industry. If you build your brand around those two traits then you will do really well. Don’t get caught up in the propaganda that circles the industry. Build your reputation around your character. Be a good negotiator and always make the buyer pay more than they want to!

Thank you Stephen for taking the time to share your experience with us. If you would like to be like Stephen and enjoy a successful career in real estate, call Validum Institute today on (07) 3193 5270 to learn more about our real estate courses.

About the Author:

Stephen McCann has forged his reputation and career in real estate since 2009. He currently works at LJ Hooker Southport and in his ‘spare’ time is a trainer and assessor at Validum Institute.

Stephen strives to take every advantage in the marketplace for homeowners looking to leverage the value of their home when it comes time to sell and offer buyers the safeguard of a trusted franchise that can help them purchase their next home.

In an industry that is often transaction-driven, Stephen McCann offers service that remains discreet and client-focused, one-on-one, face-to-face, he understands that you and your aspirations are unique and very personal.