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So you have completed your Sales Agent / Property Manager Registration Certificate with Validum, what’s next? At Complete Real Estate Services we have helped hundreds of newbies to the Real Estate industry secure employment. We offer courses both onsite at our office boardroom located on the Gold Coast or remotely via Zoom. During these courses you will have a Real Estate industry expert provide invaluable insider information about how to become a Property Manager superstar. Real estate training specialists Complete Real Estate Services QLD and Validum Institute have teamed up to provide students assistance with their journey to real estate success.

With over 160 years Real Estate Industry knowledge, the team at Complete Real Estate Services are able to provide students with an insight into industry trends as well as real-life experiences happening right now within the market. Helen Rolfe, Director of Complete Real Estate Services has been working within the industry since she was 16, moving from a receptionist to a Property Manager within her first 6 months working within the industry. She thrives in a fast-paced environment and is well-known for her ability to be able to juggle multiple tasks at a time. From here her passion grew, she was knowledge hungry and wanted to understand all things Property Management. This then burned a fire in her soul to pursue her passion for assisting others by sharing her extensive knowledge she has gained over the years. With this goal in mind, in 2004 Helen’s ambition came to life and Complete Real Estate Services was created. Since then, the team has expanded significantly to a team of 13, all sharing the same goal of providing an excellent customer experience and ensuring no questions are left unanswered.

At Complete Real Estate Services, we assist agencies all over Australia and New Zealand. We are trust accounting software experts with extensive knowledge in both server-based software as well as cloud-based software. Here at Complete Real Estate Services we embrace the technological changes within the industry, we are passionate about cloud-base software and online solutions. We specialise in migration support from one trust accounting software to the other and ensure a smooth transition. We provide support and reassurance along the way, to ensure our clients are capable, confident and comfortable with navigating effectively through their new system. Where a migration is not possible, we also provide data entry from the legacy program to the new system ready for the client’s go live date.

Helen also provides rekeying of data, a speciality area within property management where a server-based system has not backed up correctly. Ultimately this results in the client losing valuable data and transactional history within their trust account system. Helen is the expert when it comes to rekeys, she loves a challenge and works closely with the client to ensure the transactions are entered with precision and accuracy. This process is quite complex, as ‘the show must go on’ Helen works tirelessly to ultimately catch up to where the client is up to. Over the past 15 years, Helen has performed rekeys for many clients across Australia.

We also take care of a range of small and large agencies, with their daily receipting and bank reconciliations. We also provide mid and end of month processing of owner payouts, creditor payments, agency payments as well as bond processing. We also provide mentoring for agencies if they need a bit of support with their mid and end of month. When an agency is selling their rent roll or a portion of the rent roll, we are able to provide sale of rent roll assistance. We ensure the portfolio is ready for sale and files are ready for settlement day.

Our team at Complete Real Estate Services all hold our Salesperson and Property Manager’s certificate. We are able to provide onsite or online property management temping Australia wide. With extensive experience with all areas within Property Management, we are able to step in and help out whenever needed. With our expert knowledge within the various state legislations within Australia, we are able to provide in-depth, easy to follow and legislative compliant procedure documents. These procedures cover all areas within property management and can allow for Principals to know that their staff have access to the right documents to assist them with a range of Property Management scenarios.

Due to Complete Real Estate Services strong industry network, we have the inside scoop, on which offices are looking for employees but haven’t advertised yet. We also can vouch for you (if you make a good impression) and get you a foot-in-the-door with some of the top Real Estate Offices on the Gold Coast. So, what are you waiting for, give us a call today to book into one of our courses that best suit you, you won’t regret it.




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