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The Art of Prospecting – Featuring Daniel Lee

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The art of prospecting. Now there are many different ways that you can prospect out there in the marketplace. But as a newbie in the industry I’m going to give you some solid advice. There are two really fundamental and most important ways that you can prospect with your database. Number one is knocking on a lot of doors and number two is cold calling to a lot of owners in the particular area you would like to work in and ask simple questions to the owners, ‘like when [...]

Your Ultimate Guide To Ensure A Smooth Start Of Your Real Estate Career

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How to move into an amazing Career in Real Estate So, you’ve made the decision to start a career in Real Estate, good on you. Whether you have been out of the workforce for some time or simply looking for a career change, Real Estate is an exciting industry and one that you have unlimited opportunities for great job prospects and earning capacity. But what’s next? Consider your current skills and capabilities which align with the various roles available and do some research on what jobs are out there. Do [...]

Introducing The National Property Research Co

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The National Property Research Co (NPR Co) was founded in 1999 by the Director, Matthew Gross. It was initially established as the sole research division for Herron Todd White valuers in Brisbane, the largest privately-owned valuation practice in Australia. In late 2001 The National Property Research Company expanded outside of Herron Todd White to grow into one of Australia’s most respected property research and real estate advisory firms. NPR Co. is a Brisbane based company that undertakes work nationally with particular expertise in sectors that relate to residential property and [...]

So You Can Now Sell Real Estate… What Next?

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Congratulations! You’ve now you’re qualified to sell real estate. Now what do you do? Thousands of Australians have been in the same pursuit of real estate success, only a very small number generate the big incomes that attracted many of us to the industry in the first place. So how do you achieve success as a real estate sales agent? As they say ‘hope is not a strategy’. Instead, you need a plan and that starts with ‘what does success look like for you personally’ as the answer will look [...]

Why Full Real Estate Licence Course is our Best Seller!

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THE SCOOP: Get More Value for Money!   The decision to invest your time and money in your future real estate career is a critical one.  You want to be sure your investment will land you where you want to be, give you the competitive edge and prepare you to enter the Real Estate industry. A Full Real Estate Agent Licence Course could allow you to enter the industry and progress much faster than you would with the entry level Registration Certificate. The Full Licence: The Full Real Estate Agent Licence [...]

Are You Chasing Your Tail or New to Real Estate?

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3 min read | Author: Lauren Kropp - Certificate IV Training & Assessing With over 20 years’ experience in the Property Management industry I have “seen it all” and understand the predicament a Real Estate Agency can get into.  This can be due to varying issues such as multiple staff changes and each person implementing their own systems, or the owner simply dropping the ball or losing focus and trusting a team to manage their business.  This believe it or not is very common but the KEY thing to remember [...]

The advantages of short courses over University degrees

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3 min read |  Not sure what you want to do with your life now that school is over or perhaps a career change is on the cards?  You don’t need to have a university degree and study for years to have a great career.   We discuss the reasons why short courses have an advantage over university degrees.  In particular we focus on why a Real Estate Course with Validum could be your next move! Start A New Career Quickly When considering a new career, the thought of years of [...]

A Career in Real Estate Equips You With Valuable Transferable Skills

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5 min read | Are you looking for a future career path or simply want a change?  Or maybe you are looking for a career as a stepping stone for future careers?  If so, have you considered working in the real estate industry as a future career?   Don’t worry you don’t have to be a sales agent, there are many career paths within the property industry. Starting out in real estate is more than just a career.  It’s a stepping stone of valuable skills that can be transferable to other [...]

What’s the Value of Having a Mentor

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2 min read | Mentoring, one of those real buzz words that we have heard so much in the last few years.  You might even think that you see it everywhere and that it is overused?  What real value could this have for you in your real estate career moving forward? Some people may even ask what has mentoring got to do with Real Estate at all? The simple answer to this is - plenty!  Mentoring has been practiced now for hundreds of years so it is not something new [...]