A Career In Real Estate Is More Than A Salesperson: Part 2 – Five Additional Alternative Roles To Consider

If you’re just starting out in the real estate industry, you may only be considering stepping into the role of Salesperson. Whilst this is a great career path, there are many more roles you could consider! In Part 2 of this article, we discuss five more alternative roles and each one’s responsibilities to help you decide which one is right for you.

If You Love Making The Customer Happy… Try Working As A Seller’s Agent

Seller’s Agents help property owners sell their properties. Their main tasks include liaising with sellers, conducting comparative market analyses, providing property value estimates, listing properties for sale, holding open homes, and qualifying potential buyers. You should consider this role if you have strong multitasking and negotiation skills, and are willing to do everything in your power to represent your clients’ best interests.

If You Love Negotiating And Sealing The Deal… Try Working As A Real Estate Sales Executive

Real Estate Sales Executives perform property sales so they can achieve their monthly sales targets. Their main tasks include actively prospecting, preparing sales budgets, identifying new business opportunities, and helping clients buy and sell properties. If you have great sales and negotiation skills, are a strong communicator, and love working towards targets, this is the perfect role for you.

If You Love Exercising Your Good Judgement… Try Working As A Property Developer

Property Developers research property opportunities and evaluate the feasibility of building projects. In this role, you are responsible for determining the best uses for land or property, planning property developments, working with architects, builders and local councils on projects, and overseeing construction sites. It is a great career path if you enjoy problem-solving, consider yourself a leader, and prefer working outdoors.

If You Love Presenting Products… Try Working As A Real Estate Photographer

Real Estate Photographers take photos of properties to make them look appealing to potential buyers or renters. Their main responsibilities include taking internal and external shots of properties, editing photographs, liaising with real estate agents, and potentially completing floor plans. This role is best suited to individuals who have gained their photography qualifications, own the suitable equipment, and are happy to go the extra mile to ensure properties are presented in their best light. This is also a great career path for those interested in starting up their own freelance business.

If You Love Creating Campaigns… Try Working As A Real Estate Marketing Executive

Real Estate Marketing Executives are responsible for delivering business development and marketing campaigns for the agency or group they represent. Their main responsibilities include developing and implementing marketing campaigns, managing advertising, public relations, events, and sponsorship duties, and putting forward strategies to promote their brand. You should consider this role if you are strategic, creative, organised, and can work both autonomously and as part of a team.

To discover even more roles you could consider when starting a career in real estate, make sure you read ‘A Career In Real Estate Is More Than A Salesperson [Part 1]’. And, when it comes to deciding which career path is right for you, make sure you consider each role’s responsibilities, skills and attributes to determine which one matches your own skills, personality, and career goals.

12 Alternative Roles Infographic

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