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  • how facebook can increase your customer leads

    How Facebook Can Increase Your Customer Leads

    BY validum - January 31, 2017

    Lead generation should be a top priority for real estate agents. Whilst there are many ways to win business, Facebook is the best social media platform to reach new prospects and convert them to clients. If you are an experienced agent looking for highly targeted ways to reach your database and ‘Lookalike Audiences’, here are […]

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  • Dispelling The Myths of The REIQ and OFT

    Dispelling the Myths of How to Obtain Your Real Estate Certificate or Licence in Queensland

    BY validum - January 19, 2017

    We often see potential students confused about how they actually obtain their certification in real estate.  One of the common myths is that a real estate certificate of registration or licence is issued by the REIQ.  We take a look at this myth and set some truths about who is the REIQ, who is Validum […]

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  • How being a mum can make you a Millionaire

    How Your Mummy Skills Can Make You a Success

    BY validum - January 13, 2017

    As a part-time working mother in the real estate industry, I have come to realise that not only once children come along your life changes significantly, but you also change as a person.  Having a child dependant on you causes you to develop a whole new range of survival, oops I mean life skills. But […]

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  • 9 Ways to Overcome Your Professional Slump

    9 Ways to Overcome Your Professional Slump

    BY validum - January 6, 2017

    Real estate work is invigorating. The excitement of scoring a big listing, the satisfaction of a buyer or who secures their dream house or a seller who gets the best price, the little thrill of a great agent review popping up in your email – all of these things fuel our professional passion. Yet, as […]

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  • New Year New Career How To Start A Career In Real Estate

    New Year, New Career? How To Start A Career In Real Estate

    BY validum - January 3, 2017

    If you’ve been thinking about a career change in the New Year, then you should consider becoming a real estate professional. A career in real estate can be both exciting and rewarding, with the potential to achieve great success. To get the best start in your new real estate career, here are six things you […]

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  • Manjit Singh Student Interview

    Validum Institute Alumni in the Spotlight Introducing Manjit Singh, Real Estate Agent at Asset Agents Buderim in Queensland

    BY validum - December 29, 2016

    Please tell us about yourself Manjit: My name is Manjit Singh and my family and I have recently migrated from London England. I am a qualified Pharmacist but decided to pursue a career in Real Estate on arrival to Australia. I have in a short period of time completed the Full Real Estate Licence Course […]

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  • Rising Interest Rates in Property Market and Real Estate Industry

    Rising Interest Rates – What It Could Mean For Our Property Market And Real Estate Industry

    BY validum - December 19, 2016

    After several years of record low interest rates, the Australian economy, property market, and real estate industry should be prepared for rising rates in the new year. Whilst this may be unwelcome news for property investors, could it also have positive impacts? We weigh in on the issue and discuss everything you need to know. […]

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  • 7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Presence In 2017

    7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Presence In 2017

    BY validum - December 16, 2016

    If you want to be a top agent in the New Year, you need to have a strong digital presence. Whilst there are many tools that can boost your online profile, here are our top seven picks to help you stand out and win more business in 2017. 1. Use Facebook Live Video should be […]

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  • Independent vs Franchise

    Independent vs Franchise – Which Should You Choose?

    BY validum - December 9, 2016

    When entering the real estate industry, it can be difficult deciding which agency is the best fit for you. Many questions come up during this time, the most common being- should I choose an independent or franchise agency to work for? To help with your decision, we weigh up their pros and cons and what […]

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  • Dispelling The Myths Of Online Training With Validums Personalised Blended Approach

    Dispelling The Myths Of Online Training With Validum’s Personalised Blended Approach

    BY validum - December 6, 2016

    Whether you’re thinking about starting a career in real estate or simply looking to upskill your qualifications, you will need to engage a training provider that offers nationally accredited units of competency. As you know, most training providers deliver the traditional in-class approach. Whilst this style of learning still provides value, it’s clear that students […]

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