Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

This takes energy, focus and commitment! “Success leaves clues!” Learn from the best, study with the best, improve by copying the best.

  1. It all starts with great training at the beginning! Here at Validum, we don’t believe in the traditional class-room based model. We don’t believe in losing you in a room full of 25 – 40 students. We don’t believe in offering weighty resources, hard to follow and hard to wade through with onerous assessments. We have chosen to work closely with Real Estate Mastery, a boutique training organisation since 2006, delivering courses with a small group format and a mentoring approach. Our trainers are all industry experts with current successful experience, and you are closely supported from start to finish and beyond.
  2. Becoming a successful real estate agent also means an unswerving commitment to ongoing professional development. Your knowledge and skills should be continually added to and updated. Without this, your career will stall.  This is generously available with many options easily accessible and in many formats ranging from experienced industry mentors and trainers, seminar presenters, face to face and online programs, books, videos and audio programs.  If you are committed to success, there is no reason to fail!
  3. Finally, a focus on planning for success is essential. This means financial planning, targets and action steps often with built-in accountability.  As we all know, “failing to plan is planning to fail” and this is so true for success in a real estate career. Just seek out mentors, plan your steps, work hard with focus and success is guaranteed!