Attracting an Audience as a New Agent

By Stephan Trone

So you’ve hit the ground running as a new real estate agent and you’re now ready to sell properties.

But wait – how do you attract and find people to sell to as a brand new agent in the industry?

iRealty’s Head of Product Development, Stephan Trone, has seen the industry evolve over the past number of years and knows that you don’t have time to knock every door in town or call every number in the phone book (remember those?).

Yet, in order to find success, you need to connect with more people than ever before. An effective digital marketing strategy is the solution. It will expand your potential client pool by providing new digital spaces to meet people and showcase your talents.

Even if you had the time to knock doors, it’s unlikely your efforts would be very effective these days. Consumers tend to prefer to research brands before committing to large transactions. That’s why it’s essential to establish an online presence that leaves a positive impression on your potential client and enables you to build a relationship with them.

The purpose of this stage in the digital marketing strategy has two main parts. First, to attract and impress anyone that is unfamiliar with you or your brand. Second, to persuade these visitors to develop a two way relationship with your business. The most important elements of this will be your website, social media accounts, and the valuable content you will provide. Here are 3 key elements you need to attract your audience:

1. Website

Your website is the foundation upon which your marketing system is built. It acts as your first point of contact, a filter to discover potential clients and your visitor’s navigation system to direct them to the service they require. As such, it’s essential to keep it updated, well-designed, and intuitive to help every visitor have an exceptional experience. A well designed website will include…

  • Clear and accessible contact details – It may seem obvious, but make sure your contact details are displayed clearly and are easily accessible. This will ensure interested customers will contact you, instead of leaving your website in frustration.
  • Calls to Action – Include calls to action to inspire your customers to enjoy your services. A simple message will work, but the more specific your directions the more effective they will be. Instead of “Contact Us,” try something like “Call us for a Sneak Peek.”
  • Ease of Use – Every click counts, so simplify the work required of your website visitors to reach out to you. In addition to clearly displaying your contact details, provide a contact form to encourage immediate communication from inside the site.
  • Access to Valuable Content – One way to differentiate your website from all the others is by adding content your visitors will find valuable. Given the lucrative nature of the real estate industry, there is no shortage of valuable content. However, the closer your content aligns with the needs of your visitors, the more effective it will be.
  • Invitation to subscribe for content – This call to action has a specific function for all your guests. There is little you can do for those who leave no trace of their visit, but each time someone requests information or signs up to receive content, such as a newsletter or market report, they transition from an unknown visitor to a familiar subscriber. This leads them to the next stage of your marketing strategy.

2. Social Media

These days there are multiple social media platforms that can help to increase your audience. Try posting photos of new listings on Instagram, success stories on Linkedin and preview your open home on Facebook Live. Each one expands your reach in the digital sphere and helps potential clients find you. Your posts don’t need to be complicated, but they should be updated regularly to show your commitment to your clients. As well, you can guide visitors to becoming subscribers by encouraging them to like your content, or follow your page. In addition to using social media to reach out to your followers, you can also use it as a vehicle for delivering targeted advertisements. Even if these do not eventuate into qualified leads, you will familiarise potential clients with your brand and prepare them for a later connection.

3. Valuable Content

Remember, you are the real estate expert. You have uncommon insights and stored knowledge from your career, and most people are desperate for your guidance. Another effective way of drawing potential clients to you is by delivering samples of your expertise. Blogs, webinars and podcasts are fantastic delivery systems. By providing these treasured insights you are establishing a relationship of trust and gratitude. Your visitors will return the favour by sharing your content with friends and contacting you when they prepare to make a move in the market. These digital forums provide a space to visit with new people and offer your services. Most visitors will not be ready to sell their home the moment they meet you, so it’s important to provide something they are prepared to accept, like sound advice, for the seemingly low price of a few contact details. Those that accept are willingly moving down your funnel from indirect visitors to active subscribers.

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