Alumni Spotlight: What It’s Really Like Studying Real Estate Online With Validum

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Who is Byron Froneman? 

26-year-old, originally from South Africa, making the most of my life in this beautiful and great country of Australia. Passionate about property investing and developing. Interests are in soccer, rugby and losing a game of tennis to my fiancé. Happily engaged. Proud doggo-dad of two chocolate Labradors.

Q1. What was the best part about studying real estate online with Validum?

It was efficient and seamless. The Validum platform provides a great user experience, simple to understand and straightforward. Regardless of it being online learning, Validum delivers the courses with practical methods and exercises that gives you a feel of the real world in real estate. Marking of assessments was exceptionally quick with guidance and assistance provided at all times.

Q2. What support did you receive from Validum whilst studying?

A one-on-one trainer assisted me through my entire journey with Validum. I thoroughly enjoyed how assessments are marked, you are taught to think about the scenarios being questioned on and find the solutions. Without giving away the answers, my assessor guided me in the right direction for me to find the solution. Think of it this way, if you on the wrong path your assessor will redirect you and give you a sachet of water, but it’s up to you to continue running and break through to that finish line.

Question 3. How did your personal one-on-one trainer assist with your learning?

Call sessions and one-on-one training definitely helps you accelerate through your learning path. My assessor was brilliant. Highly knowledgeable and great experience in real estate, he assisted me with the right guidance. With the number of contracts, forms, etc you deal with in real estate, its vital as a real estate agent that you understand and complete these correctly. He helped me identify where I was making errors and the implications they could cause in reality. I found that Validum truly provides a great support base for their learners by knowledgeable experts from the industry.

Q4. How has studying at Validum helped your real estate career?

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge I gained through Validum. You learn more than what’s just on paper. You gain insights into the industry from the experts, practical experience and pragmatic approaches. If you give it your most, you will benefit greatly from Validum’s courses.

Q5. What advice would you give students to get the most out of Validum’s online training?

Embrace it. You’ll be required to break free of comfort zones which will ultimately help you grow. Remember you’re here because you want to change your life, better yourself and increase your skill set, so why not enjoy the ride while you are doing it.

I strongly recommend Validum to all that are looking to break into real estate or increase their knowledge and credentials.

You’ll be thankful that you chose Validum to assist you in building a strong foundation of knowledge and confidence before jumping into the real estate game. Go for it and enjoy.

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