Alumni in the Spotlight: What It’s Really Like Studying Real Estate Online via Validum Website

Studying for any new career can be a daunting experience at the best of times.  Our recent graduate Celine Walden shares her experience of studying with Validum Institute for her new career in Real Estate.  See how supportive and simple getting your real estate qualification really is with Validum.

Celine, tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Celine and I am a current student of the Queensland University of Technology. While studying my Bachelor of Business, I decided to pursue a career in real estate on the side. I enjoy playing piano, singing, traveling and playing games in my free time.

What were the best parts about studying real estate online at Validum?

I absolutely loved the online learning platform, which granted me the flexibility I needed to complete the course whilst juggling the load of my studies. The online portal is very intuitive and concise. The staff I also have to mention, as the levels of support and assistance they provided throughout the course were outstanding and very professional. Moreover, when I did finish the course, I was surprised with the punctuality exhibited from staff in regards to marking my results and issuing me with my certificate.

What support did you receive from Validum whilst studying?

Throughout the course, if I ever had an inquiry, I was always left impressed with the prompt and knowledgeable responses I received from the team at Validum. Victor, the director, was always a phone call away to assist with whatever queries I had.

How did your personal one-on-one trainer assist with your learning?

If I did come across any issues while completing the course, there always was one-on-one support available. The team always seemed to go above and beyond with wanting to assist me; the standard of service and support never seemed to waiver.

How has studying at Validum helped your real estate career?

Not long after completing the course, the directors at Validum had already forwarded my details on to several agencies. The results have been very positive. Even though it has only been a few days since course completion, I already feel as though my career in real estate is close to being made reality!

What advice would you give students to get the most out of Validum’s online training?

My advice is to never feel hesitant to contact the team at Validum. Being a student, I naturally did not want to bother my ‘tutors’ too much if I had any issues.  But you’ll find that the team are always more than willing to set aside their free time to assist and clarify. Needless to say, their enthusiasm with real estate and teaching is honestly impressive!

What we have in our website?

Validum website is a platform to learn about how to become a professional agent in real estate. If you wish to own or manage a real estate agency, you need to hold a Real Estate Agent Licence. If you wish to sell real estate as an independent contractor without working through an established agency, you will also need to hold a Real Estate Agent License.

To start any career in real estate either as a salesperson or a property manager, you need to be registered with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading as a real estate salesperson. Our Registration Certificate course provides you with the educational qualifications that the Office of Fair Trading requires you to hold before it will issue you with a Registration Certificate.

This course may be combined and undertaken concurrently with the Resident Letting Agent course.

The Registration Certificate is the entry level certification you need before you can start work in the real estate industry – either in a sales, property management or an agency administration role. With a Registration Certificate, you will be able to commence work in a real estate agency under the supervision of a real estate principal.

Thank you Celine for taking the time to share your experience with us. If you would like to be like Celine and start your new career in a supportive learning environment, call Validum Institute today on (07) 3193 5270.