Alumni in the Spotlight: Introducing Josh Tregoning

Thank you Josh for taking the time to share your experience with us and being our recent Alumni in the Spotlight.

Can you briefly tell us about yourself Josh?

Having grown up in the area and now raising a family of my own in Bracken Ridge, I have a wealth of local knowledge and expertise ensuring I am well placed to provide outstanding advice and service that only local knowledge can provide. Along with my wife and two children, the Tregoning family are strong advocates of the fantastic life that living in the local area can provide. With a diverse career spanning customer service, sales and team management I bring a wealth of experience and versatility. I started my career as an apprentice mechanic for a local car dealership. During this time I learnt the importance of hard work, problem solving and most importantly respect. After spending many years in local car dealerships, I moved to a large international company enhancing my already strong communication, negotiation, management and problem solving skills. All of these previous appointments have provided me with a strong foundation, ensuring long term success in the real estate industry. Family is at the centre of everything I do, however when I’m not busy meeting the needs of my clients, I enjoy spending time at the beach with my family, undertaking various improvements around the home and attempting to improve my golf swing. I am also an avid runner and cycler who can be regularly seen “hitting the pavement” in and around the local suburbs.

Why did you choose Validum Institute to study your real estate qualifications?

Validum came as a referral from a close friend and after some research they came out as a good choice.

Did you study real estate for a career change?

Yes, it was a career change for me. I wanted to move into a career where I was rewarded directly for my effort and to be able to provide a fantastic life for my family

What were the best parts about studying at Validum Institute?

The access to trainers for questions and clarifications. The relevance of content as well as the enthusiasm of the trainers was second to none.  Not to mention the speed of having my results returned to me.

How did Validum’s training make you job ready?

By not just going through a checklist to achieve a result. They covered off a lot more information as well as gave many real life examples and scenarios to help with getting me job ready.

Did you obtain a new real estate job after completion of your course? 

Yes. I currently work as a buyer manager for a successful agent in the Coronis group. This has been a fantastic stepping stone to become a successful agent.

Would you recommend Validum Institute to your friends, family and peers? 

Definitely. Because of all of the things mentioned above.

What advice would you give students to get the most out of their Validum Institute’s real estate training?

Ask lots of questions and don’t just takeaway what you need to pass. The content and trainers will give you a lot more information which will, if you choose to absorb, will get you job ready.