7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Presence In 2017

If you want to be a top agent in the New Year, you need to have a strong digital presence. Whilst there are many tools that can boost your online profile, here are our top seven picks to help you stand out and win more business in 2017.

1. Use Facebook Live

Video should be your number one focus in the New Year. Facebook’s new tool, Facebook Live, is a great way to reach prospects in real time. This tool gives you the opportunity to stream live video, deliver online content, and build a human connection with your followers. Consider using it for live open homes, market area reports or expert interviews.

2. Create A Blog

The easiest way to distribute content is by creating a personal business blog. You can do this by setting up a website using user-friendly interfaces such as WordPress, Weebly or Wix, and posting weekly articles, videos and photos. If you want to build a loyal following, ensure that your content is extremely targeted, relevant and helpful.

3. Post High-Quality Photos

Posting high-quality, consistent looking photos helps boost your digital presence. If you’re not the best at taking photos, then free graphic design software, Canva, helps you create professional looking images. To ensure maximum engagement, make sure you post these photos to the platform where most of your prospects can be found.

4. Boost Facebook Posts

Since Facebook continues to make posts harder and harder to see, it’s a good idea to invest in ‘boosting’ in the New Year. Boosted posts allow your content to appear higher in the newsfeed and gives you a better chance of your followers seeing it. You can also target your boosts to specific demographics and behaviours. This helps you increase engagement and remain top-of-mind with your prospects.

5. Conduct Webinars

Webinars are an effective way to position yourself as a market area expert and win new business. By using platforms such as Google Hangouts, GoToWebinar or Webinar Jam, you can host free weekly webinars for your prospects. You should discuss topics that are extremely targeted, relevant and helpful to your audience, for example, property investment or property market updates.

6. Publish A Lead Magnet

A great way to build your network is to publish a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of flagship content, such as an eBook, template or white paper, this is highly valuable to your prospects. You can send this lead magnet to your email database or create a blog pop-up where people can sign-up for a copy. This is the most effective way to grow your database.

7. Use Marketing Automation Tools

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of posting and platforms, we recommend using social media marketing automation tools. Free online software, such as HouseQ, Hootsuite and Squiz, allow you to schedule multiple posts, publish to chosen platforms, and manage insights. These tools not only let you see which content and platforms are performing best, but help you publish more content, more often.

To get ahead in 2017, you need to proactively build your digital presence. These tools can boost your visibility, position you as the go-to agent and, ultimately, help you win more business in the New Year.

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We’d love to know how these online tools help boost your digital presence in the New Year. Email me your thoughts at victor.james@validumgroup.com.au.

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