4 Reasons Introverts Make Great Real Estate Agents

As a real estate trainer, I see many personalities come through the doors of Validum Institute.

More often than not, introverts go unnoticed in the world of business and are often overshadowed by the big personalities and presence of extroverts.

Yet, experience has shown me that the introvert’s understated value can give them a unique set of advantages – especially in the world of real estate!

If you’re an introvert who’s having a hard time finding a career that’s the right fit for you, you might have written off becoming a real estate agent as something only for loud, extroverted people. Yet this role could be a much better fit for you and your personality than you might think! Let me explain why…

  1. Introverts Prefer Working Autonomously

Introverts tend to work better on their own rather than in a team. This means they can get on with tasks independently and they don’t need to rely on input and guidance from others to get the job done.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to work independently, you’ll shine in real estate.

Being a real estate agent is typically a solo gig where you are expected to manage clients’ expectations on your own – making the introvert’s self-sufficient quality very worthwhile indeed.

Introverts are also more than happy to get on with the day-to-day tasks that have to be done with as little interaction with others as possible, and that’s the kind of work ethic many employers look for.

  1. Introverts Have Superior Listening Skills

Communication is just as much about listening as it is about talking.

When speaking with clients about selling their home, it’s important to listen and fully absorb the information they are giving you. After all, you are working for them and you want to make sure you take their thoughts and opinions on board in everything that you do.

Introverts tend to have better listening skills than extroverts because they naturally prefer to listen rather than speak.

Good listening skills even rate as the third most desirable quality a real estate agent should have on realestate.com.au!

  1. Introverts Can Develop Lasting Relationships with Clients

Real estate is largely a relationship building industry and there are no better people to build long and lasting relationships than introverts.

Extroverts typically surround themselves with a large group of acquaintances but they are not great at knowing people on a deeper level. Introverts, however, tend to value building deep connections with a smaller group of people. Solidifying strong relationships with clients builds trust and makes you seem more authentic and genuine in your pursuit to help them sell their property.

It’s easy to connect with many people but much harder to develop deep relationships that turn into loyal clients. This is where the real value of introvert’s shines.

According to Real Estate Business, introverts tend to be more in-tune with their clients, meaning they have a better understanding of their needs and thus have a better chance of making a sale.

Lifehack also explains that introverts tend to think along the lines of long-term value rather than short term gain. After all, selling a home is a long-term commitment so it’s worthwhile having a real estate agent at the helm that wants to nourish a lasting relationship with the client.

  1. Preparation and Organisation: The Introvert’s Secret Weapons

Many extroverts tend to wing it and fly by the seat of their pants, while introverts are commonly known to be great at being prepared and organised before they enter any situation. An introvert will, therefore, be prepared enough to know exactly what to say and do in any given situation.

Traditionally, introverts are more thoughtful about their words and actions. Acting or speaking without being well prepared can land you in some deep trouble if you’re not careful. Having purpose and preparation behind everything you say and do therefore makes you more convincing when you’re trying to land that sale.

This quality combined with top-notch listening skills also flies in the face of the idea that introverts are not good communicators. In fact, many influential communicators and thought leaders are introverts, and much of this comes down to their preparation and organisation.

In real estate, these two qualities are essential to staying on top of your client’s expectations, so if you’re an introvert and this is an area you excel in, becoming a real estate agent could be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re an introvert with an interest in real estate, call Victor at Validum Institute today on (07) 3193 5270 and start studying to become a professional agent today. 

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