4 Reasons Why A Career In Real Estate Has More Freedom Than A Normal Job

There are not many jobs which offer the same level of freedom, flexibility and control as a real estate career. If you’re looking for a job which offers this high level of freedom, here are four reasons why you should consider a career in real estate.

1. Real estate agents can be their own boss

If you like the idea of being your own boss, then a career in real estate could be just for you. We all know there’s nothing worse than having your boss looking over your shoulder day in and day out. That’s why the best thing about working in real estate is that you essentially run your own small business. Whilst you may have a principal to answer to, the principal/agent relationship is quite different to that of employer/employee. You will be the one micromanaging your work, not your boss.

Independent agents and agencies are also fast-becoming a new trend. Agencies such as Purplebricks and One Agency are disrupting the traditional franchise model and allowing agents to deliver real estate services differently. Gone are the days where you need a physical shopfront. Real estate agents are now successfully running their independent agencies from their homes using their computers. If you want to run your own agency from the comfort of your home and be your own boss, then real estate could be the perfect industry for you.


2. Real estate agents can work to their own schedule

One of the greatest advantages of having a career in real estate is that you can decide how to spend your time. Following your own work (and personal) schedule is one of the most prized benefits of a real estate career. Since you are your own boss, you have the flexibility to complete tasks when it suits you. This is great for maintaining a good work-life balance, especially if you have children. Many agents let their clients know via voicemail message or email autoresponder that they are not available between certain hours and to simply send an email or SMS with their query. Operating in this way allows you to work the hours that suit and maintain your desired lifestyle.

3. Real estate agents can set their own financial goals

Financial freedom is achievable when you work in real estate. That’s because, how much you earn in your real estate career is completely in your control. Since you are essentially your own boss, you can set financial goals that suit you, not the agency you work for. If you want to reach a certain sales target, you simply need to set this goal and update your work schedule to achieve it. The commission you earn is in direct relation to how much you want to earn and are willing to work for it.

What’s more, if you upgrade to a full licence, you can earn even better commissions. That’s because, the licence allows you to work with developers and building groups, and be less restricted when it comes to doing business. Whilst you must pay for your own expenses, the upside is you have more control over how you invest your money, who you work with, and how much you earn. Financial freedom is even more achievable when you are a fully licenced agent.

4. Real estate agents can control their career advancement

You are in total control of your real estate career. This means that when it comes to your career advancement, there is no glass ceiling apart from the one you put on yourself. Did you know you can upgrade your qualification? If you have a salesperson or property registration certificate, upskilling to the full licence is easy. Simply do your upgrade to a full licence course through Validum Institute or why not try and complete a Certificate IV Property Services (Real Estate). Validum Institute acknowledges your prior learning and gives you credit for the units and experience you have already achieved.

Having a Full Real Estate Agent Licence or Certificate IV in Property demonstrates you are committed to your own ongoing professional development, as well as your career in real estate. It is this that sets you apart from your peers and builds technical skills and expertise to a high level making you more regarded within the industry. It also allows you to start your own agency and be in control of your own career destination. In this industry it’s not bosses and board members who determine your career advancement, it’s your personal commitment to investing in yourself. This puts you in total control of your career and success.

If you want this level of freedom and flexibility in your job, become qualified in the real estate industry or upskill your real estate qualifications TODAY. Call Validum Institute on (07) 3193 5270 to find out more about our fresh new blended approach to learning.

We’d love to know if you’re considering starting a career in real estate so you have more freedom and flexibility. Email me your thoughts at victor.james@validumgroup.com.au.