3 Things You Need to Do to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate is something that just about everyone talks about. It’s often a topic of conversation during a catch up with friends, family or work colleagues. Whether it’s about your first home or your dream home or your next investment property – it’s a topic that grabs everyone’s attention.

The real estate industry is dynamic and multifaceted and influenced by a variety of external factors including interest rates, population growth, and economic conditions. It’s big business and according to an IBISworld Australian Market Research Report (Mar 2016) it’s revenue is forecast to grow at an annualised 3.4% over the five years through 2015-16, to reach $14.0 billion.

It is also regarded as an industry that promises a rewarding and varied career. You can be your own boss, achieve financial success or create your own schedule. And selling houses isn’t the only option – you could become a buyer’s agent, a property manager or a leasing agent, just to name a few of the potential roles. There is no doubt that for the right person it does provide a long-term career path.

So how do you start a career in Real Estate? Below are 3 things that you need to begin and if done properly they’ll help you be a successful agent.

1. Get accredited complete a real estate licence:

The requirements to work in real estate vary throughout Australia and they also vary depending on the role you choose. For example, in Queensland, if you want to own or manage a real estate agency you must complete a Real Estate Agent Licence. Or if starting out as an employee is more your pace then a Registration Certificate course is your first step.

You must complete your real estate course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Courses can be done online, face-to-face or you can take advantage of a flexible blended method of both.

2. Hone your communication skills:

At every stage of any real estate transaction communication is required. An agent has to have an ability to communicate with the buyer, the seller, their industry and local community contacts. It isn’t just speaking that you need to be good at its also writing and most importantly listening.

To be successful you will need to hone your communication skills and use them to build meaningful and lasting relationships. Like anything communication skills can be improved. Here are 10 attributes people with effective communication skills have in common.

3. Build and maintain a network: 

Real Estate is all about who you know. So, when you’re starting out, start with the people you already know and build from there. People you went to school with, studied or worked with, connect with friends of friends and as your client base begins to grow focus on building a referral-based clientele.

Here are tips to build your network:

  • Proactively prospect
  • Get involved in the local community
  • Have a social media presence and be active
  • Keep in touch with past clients
  • Attend seminars and networking events

An effective network is about quality over quantity. It’s about you staying top of mind with prospects. You want to be the first person they think of for all their real estate needs. Here are 5 crucial networking tips that will help you stay top of mind.

One last bit of advice for what you need to do to be a successful real estate agent is be committed to life-long learning. A successful agent who achieves a competitive edge over others is one that never stops investing in knowledge. You must take the time and invest in gaining local and industry knowledge, upskilling your qualifications and learning new skills. This can be done by observing the market and neighbourhood trends; surrounding yourself with real estate professionals; attending courses.

If you’d like information on a real estate course to get you started on a successful career in the Real Estate industry. Click here.