3 Reasons Online Education is the Best Option

Just about everything happens online these days.  Banking. Shopping. Even Dating.  So, it’s not surprising that education and learning have moved online.  A number of factors have contributed to the growth of online education: advancing technologies; faster internet, and human behaviour.

It’s something that has been embraced by individuals, companies, and institutions because online education is effective and convenient.  The fact Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s e-learning company has teamed up with CSIRO to introduce online education to Australian primary schools indicates it’s a trend that isn’t going away.

I’m a huge advocate for the effectiveness of online education.  We’ve built our business Validum Institute a Registered Training Organisation that delivers real estate and property courses and qualifications, around online course delivery.

I’d like to share with you 3-reasons why we built our business around online education and why we consider it the best option.

  1. Boost a Career Transition:
    Real Estate can be an industry that people start in or transition to.  Online learning provides an excellent environment regardless of where you are at in your career.  It’s a way to acquire new skills or upgrade the ones you have.  For example, we offer a range of Real Estate courses that have been developed to suit individual’s education requirements.
  2. Convenience:
    When you choose an online training option you are choosing convenience.  You get to choose when and where you take your classes – you cut out travel time; you go at your own pace and you contribute as much as you like.  You get 24/7 online access to your training course, materials, and interactive assessments –   so you can do your study anywhere anytime on different devices.  100% convenient.
  3. Increased Engagement & Knowledge Retention:
    Online education takes advantage of today’s social and multimedia tools and is developed using a mix of mediums including visual, auditory and interactive content.  This results in more engaging materials and improved knowledge retention.  It has been scientifically proven that the use of multimedia tools improve memory in our brains and helps us remember what we learn.

Choose a right online learning website

We’ve been running online real estate courses since we began Validum Institute nearly 2-years ago.  We experience first hand the growing popularity of online education. The take-up of our courses is ever-increasing and the feedback we get regarding our content and the support provided by our Validum Institute Portal (VIP) Training and Technical team is excellent.

“Choosing Validum’s Real Estate Licence course was the first step in introducing me to the real estate industry and the operations of an agent. The online portal was easy to use and my tutor Victor was easy to contact and very knowledgeable. I will be using Validum in the future for any more training I need and I have already recommended using them to my colleagues.” 

Ben Heremaia – Urban Home Loans

I know we made the right decision to build our RTO around delivering online real estate courses.

If you’d like information on a real estate course to get you started on a successful career in the Real Estate industry.  Click here.